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Posted by bunnyterry on May - 14 - 2014 | 6 Comments

View from David Hill

David Hill Cliffs



Some of these photos have appeared in a previous post, but it’s been a while.   These are all in Harding County.

Every part of New Mexico is different, but Harding County holds a special place in my heart.




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  1. Really great shots of Harding County. I like “Yet another David Hill View.” Now don’t stuff yourself too much. Sounds great!

  2. hopeseguin says:

    I remember my father talking about David Hill. If I remember correctly, he had to travel on a one-car-wide road on that hill – when transporting potatoes from Roy to Tucumcari. Of course, I can’t ask him about that now – and my memory may be faulty.

    So enjoy your New Mexico blog!!

    • My grandfather Henry Miller traveled on a one-car-wide road from Canyon, Texas, to Amarillo, Texas, to sell eggs. Even in the 1950s, when the road went two-lane, he still drove as if it was one lane. Scared my mother-in-law. She reproached him. He grinned and continued to drive as if it was one lane. How I miss those old souls, Hopesequin.

  3. hopeseguin says:

    I too miss those old souls, Jack. My lament: wish I had paid better attention to the stories of my parents and grandparents . . .

  4. hopeseguin says:

    Roy,New Mexico trivia: in the 1930s my father worked at the Roy Record (can’t recall if the owner/publisher was Ed or Carl Guthmann – for my dad also worked at the Springer Tribune for one of the Guthmann brothers). My grandparents are buried in the Roy Cemetery although it has been years since I’ve visited there.

    Again: I truly enjoy your New Mexico blog.

  5. Vicky says:

    Ok Bun, we need an update. Been several days now…

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