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Posted by admin on December - 21 - 2011 | 7 Comments

Kitchen at our Two Casitas home this past weekent

I spent the past weekend in Santa Fe, Christmas shopping with Johanna, Robin and Sabrina while TJ and Taylor snow skied.  It was, as a weekend in Santa Fe always is, fun.  (I started to write “magical” or “amazing,” and then stopped myself – doesn’t everyone use those words to describe Santa Fe?   And don’t their right-on-the-edge-of-New-Age-metaphysical descriptions of my state’s capitol always irritate me?)

Front patio/porch

Let me tell you something about a weekend in Santa Fe, though.  It’s always fun.  Santa Fe feels like New Mexico (despite some frequent pretension by a shopkeeper or two), its always beautiful, the food is consistently amazing (there’s that word, but it works here), and especially near the Christmas season, it’s sorta magical.  The Plaza after dark never fails to be breathtaking. 

Living room of the Luna

We stayed in a Two Casitas home again – you may have read before about my weekend with Dave at the McKenzie Street Casita.  I’m sold on Two Casitas – Wendy Kapp manages a slew of homes, from efficiencies to three bedrooms, and I can always call her on short notice and say, “Wendy, I’m kinda sorta thinking I’d like to come to town for a couple of days – do you have something empty?” 

Let me give you a tip.  If you can stand it, if you’re not one of those people who has to know weeks in advance what you’re going to be doing on any given weekend, call Wendy (505-984-2270) on a Thursday and say, “Got something for this weekend and can you make me a screaming deal?” 

But sometimes she’s booked solid.  Because her properties are fabulous and people come back over and over (like me).  Let me tell you about where we stayed this time.

Dining room

She put the six of us in the Luna, which is at 628 Don Felix in Santa Fe.  It was a 100 year-old adobe home tucked in a neighborhood just behind the Railyard off of Agua Fria.  High fences with a private front patio/courtyard (loved that front gate), plenty of on-street parking (a luxury in Santa Fe) and walking distance to both the Railyard and the Plaza (more about the Railyard in another post- it’s my favorite place to hang now. . .)

Master bedroom

Hardwood floors, kiva fireplace (which we used every night we were there), cobalt blue tile in the kitchen, beautiful built-ins in the hallway and the dining rooms, a king bed in one bedroom, queen bed in another and one room with twins.  That’s what our house had physically, and it all looked good. 

Master bath

But the better thing about this house was how it felt. . .it was cozy and comfy and it felt friendly and happy (are you rolling your eyes and thinking “Whoa. . .she spent too much time in Santa Fe and now she’s all hippy dippy goofy talking about her friendly house?”).

Hallway with built-ins. We loved this little library, which is stocked with books and board games.

Humph.  Well, maybe I did spend too much time there.  Three nights.  But this is a great house and I loved how comfortable it was and how it felt and that we got a great last minute deal.  Staying in a home is a vast improvement over traveling and staying in a hotel.  I’m an early riser, so I can get up without disturbing everyone in the room, make coffee, get my laptop out in the living room, and work in peace and quiet.  Maybe stir the ashes in the fireplace and get the fire going again.  That’s how I like to spend my early mornings in Santa Fe, and staying in one of Wendy’s houses gives me that relaxed method of starting my day. 

It also gives everyone a great place to crash in the evenings.  There was some really good visiting in that living room with the fire going every night.  Which wouldn’t have occurred if we were all in a hotel in separate rooms. . .

Second bedroom

I’m a huge fan of Two Casitas.  I highly recommend Wendy and her properties.  Her customer service and the homes she manages can’t be beat by anyone else in the city that I’ve found.

Maybe I should try to get a job writing for Wendy, huh?  Then I might get to stay in Every Single One of Her Houses.  That, my friend, is what would be magical and amazing!

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  1. Ben says:

    What a beautiful home! The pictures are wonderful. I’m ready to pack my bags and come to Santa Fe!

  2. Beautiful! You lucky lady; Wendy has fabulous accommodations. I fully support your goal of staying in every property. Woo hoo! Merry Christmas, friend, and lots of success in 2012.

  3. Nice write-up for Two Casitas!

  4. I just linked to this post from http://www.newmexicoenchantment.com/two-casitas.html – hope you don’t mind! Have a great weekend!

  5. […] when we visited Santa Fe.  I hadn’t been there for a few years, so when I stayed at the Two Casitas Luna and was looking for a restaurant in the neighborhood, La Choza came up on my smart phone.  […]

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