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Posted by bunnyterry on March - 24 - 2010 | 1 Comment

I just have to give a quick high five to my pals at Think New Mexico, a results-oriented think tank based in Santa Fe that serves all New Mexicans.  Today, after Think New Mexico urged thousands of New Mexicans to e-mail or call their representatives and the governor, Governor Bill Richardson vetoed reimposition of the food tax.  

I really hate the cut and paste method of blogging, but Think New Mexico has a great info page that gives you a thorough overview of what they do.  Here’s some of that info:

“Think New Mexico is a results-oriented think tank whose mission is to improve the quality of life for all New Mexicans, especially those who lack a strong voice in the political process. We fulfill this mission by educating the public, the media, and policymakers about some of the most serious problems facing New Mexico and by developing and advocating for effective, comprehensive, sustainable solutions to those problems.

Our approach is to perform and publish sound, nonpartisan, independent research. Unlike many think tanks, Think New Mexico does not subscribe to any particular ideology. Instead, because New Mexico is at or near the bottom of so many national rankings, our focus is on promoting workable solutions.

Consistent with our nonpartisan approach, Think New Mexico’s board is composed of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. They are statesmen and stateswomen, who have no agenda other than to see New Mexico succeed. They are also the brain trust of this think tank.

Think New Mexico began its operations on January 1, 1999. It is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In order to maintain its independence, Think New Mexico does not accept state government funding. However, contributions from individuals, businesses, and foundations are welcomed, encouraged and tax-deductible.

Think New Mexico won the Best of Santa Fe 2009 in the Santa Fe Reporter. We were honored to be recognized by the paper’s staff as “Best Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens That Can Change New Mexico.

My old pal Fred Nathan is the biggest dawg (the guy in charge!) at Think New Mexico, and he and his staff are doing a great job of speaking and acting on behalf of all New Mexicans.  I encourage anyone who is committed to quality of life in New Mexico to go to www.thinknewmexico.com to sign up for their e-newsletter, alerts, and to contribute to their cause.

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