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January - 27 - 2014

This post originally appeared at the Two Casitas blog I write for Wendy Kapp. One of the absolute best things about Santa Fe is the eating. I agree that it’s not the only thing worthwhile about visiting – there’s the Opera and the Lensic and the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and the Plaza and the Railyard and the hiking and the skiing and Ten Thousand Waves and music at El Farol on a Saturday night. . . There are a lot of good reasons to visit Santa Fe. But the food. . .just thinking about the amazing and varied food you  [ Read More ]

November - 16 - 2012

Sometimes you begin a thing without knowing the why or wherefore.  Your heart tells you to go in a certain direction, and you do it, not thinking about profit or recognition, but simply knowing that you have to follow your heart.  That’s how this blog is for me.  Several years ago, on a December night right after Christmas, I read an article about blogging for profit, and it talked about how the only way to blog was to write about something you love.  I wasn’t expecting a profit, but I knew what I wanted to write about immediately.  Thus “I  [ Read More ]

Plaza Cafe, Santa Fe, chile relleno omelette
October - 10 - 2012

I just wrote a fun blog post for Two Casitas at www.twocasitas.com/santafeblog about what one must absolutely NOT miss when visiting the Plaza. Looks like we’re going to do a series. And you know me.  I had to start with food. If you’ve never had a Chile Relleno Omelette, or the best posole in Santa Fe, or Green Chile Meatloaf, read on. Here’s a portion of my post for Wendy at Two Casitas. And yes, I’ve written before about the Plaza Café. Love it. I get to write over and over about the things I love in New Mexico, don’t  [ Read More ]

February - 27 - 2012

As you may know, I now have a sweet little gig writing blog posts for Two Casitas Santa Fe Vacation Rentals.  I have all of you folks to thank – you’ve shown such interest in this blog that you convinced Wendy Kapp of Two Casitas to hire me.  It’s quite a treat to get to write about a place and properties that I love.  One of the tasks on my list for Wendy is to find different ways to enjoy a weekend in Santa Fe (dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it) – from the “Opera Season and Canyon Road” weekend to the “Santa Fe  [ Read More ]

February - 15 - 2012

This post first appeared a couple of weeks ago on the Two Casitas blog I now write.  But there’s a chance my I Love New Mexico readers missed it, and I want you to know all about Santa Fe Creative Tourism.  I’m about to sign up for a workshop in March. . . Nobody loves a weekend in Santa Fe more than I do.   St. Francis Cathedral.  Canyon Road.  The Plaza.   Green Chile.  Spas. Thrift Stores.  The Railyard.  All the stuff I love to do, plus something new every time I show up.   The list goes on forever. But recently  [ Read More ]

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December - 21 - 2011

I spent the past weekend in Santa Fe, Christmas shopping with Johanna, Robin and Sabrina while TJ and Taylor snow skied.  It was, as a weekend in Santa Fe always is, fun.  (I started to write “magical” or “amazing,” and then stopped myself – doesn’t everyone use those words to describe Santa Fe?   And don’t their right-on-the-edge-of-New-Age-metaphysical descriptions of my state’s capitol always irritate me?) Let me tell you something about a weekend in Santa Fe, though.  It’s always fun.  Santa Fe feels like New Mexico (despite some frequent pretension by a shopkeeper or two), its always beautiful, the food  [ Read More ]

September - 6 - 2011

 I’m headed off to Fiesta de Santa and the burning of Zozobra in a couple of days. Haven’t been in years – the last time I went to Zozobra, Johanna was little enough to require a babysitter. I took Zachary and went with my friend Patti and her son, Sam, and like everyone else, we sat on a blanket in Fort Marcy Park, eating all the junk foods we forbade ourselves the rest of the year – spray cheese, excessive licorice, meringues, chocolate milano cookies. . . It was our way of celebrating the end of Old Man Gloom. And  [ Read More ]

June - 6 - 2011

Living Room of our McKenzie Street casita in Santa Fe Dave and I ran away to Santa Fe for the weekend and had the good fortune to locate Two Casitas vacation rentals on VRBO.   I’m a big fan of VRBO – I’ve stayed in some great homes and casitas, which always seems just a bit easier and more comfortable than a hotel room. This weekend was no exception – I sent in the standard inquiry on VRBO and then waited for responses.  Wendy Kapp from Two Casitas immediately e-mailed me back and after several phone calls, she gave me a  [ Read More ]

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