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April - 10 - 2015

I wrote this little piece to honor my mother and my aunt Crystell. We were informed last week that the Tucumcari Chapter of the DAR had chosen them as their “Historic Women of Quay County for 2015” or something like that. So my cousin Janis called to let me know the luncheon was coming up, and then she said, “They asked me to write something about my mom and your’s. I say YOU are going to be the one to write it.” So I started writing. I am from a huge family. You can’t swing a cat in Quay County  [ Read More ]

February - 16 - 2014

There’s a stretch of road on I-40 about 12 miles west of Tucumcari where you pass a short little mesa on the right and then the road swings ever so slightly to the north before opening onto a broad plain heading straight west.  The view will make you think “vistas” and “wide open spaces.”  It’s rimmed on all sides by mesas, but the expanse between the highway and the mesas is miles and miles of New Mexico space.   The little village of Montoya sits at the west end of that particular valley. I’ve taken some bad trips and made some  [ Read More ]

May - 23 - 2013

The New Mexico Tourism Department is looking for great New Mexico stories – your’s, mine, our’s.  Whatever great New Mexico story you have to tell.  They want to know all about what New Mexico means to you.  And if the tale is compelling and clever and very “New Mexico True,” you could win the grand prize of $5,000.  Check the contest out here.  I’m totally in.  From my first red bikini swim in Cimarron Canyon at 3 years old to my childhood camping trips at Tres Ritos to my high school water skiing days on Ute Lake to my dinner  [ Read More ]

May - 11 - 2012

This is a repost of one of my favorite New Mexico stories. My daddy grew up in Porter, New Mexico, the youngest of ten children.  He delights in telling what I think of as “baby of the family” stories (I have a number of my own. . .), about how the older brothers used to torture him by hiding behind the tank and jumping out to frighten him when he had to walk to the windmill after dark to turn the pump off , or how he sometimes had to stay in and help Granny Terry in the house because he was the  [ Read More ]

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January - 26 - 2012

Some of my earliest memories from the 60’s involve the sound of someone dribbling a basketball down the court while the crowd cheers.  I love the smell of a gymnasium – hardwood varnish, basketball leather, a bit of sweat, popcorn, cinnamon suckers.  In my mind I can still see all those tiny gyms of my childhood – Grady with their wooden bleachers behind a barrier (like in “Hoosiers”), San Jon’s brick walls, Amistad’s cavernous court that turned into a dance floor every New Year’s and Christmas, Logan’s little gym with three rows of built-in wooden seats under tall casement windows and  [ Read More ]

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October - 19 - 2011

Here’s what I ate for lunch yesterday.  In Tucumcari.  A combination plate with an enchilada the size of a large burrito smothered in delicious red chile, a taco with a fresh homemade taco shell, and a chile relleno smothered in perfectly made green chile.  Not a big deal, right?  The sort of meal you get every day in Albuquerque or Santa Fe or Las Cruces, right?  Well, let me tell you, it was a big deal to me and my friends – it has been YEARS since someone in Tucumcari (or Quay County for that matter) took the time to make a fresh chile  [ Read More ]

March - 24 - 2011

  Monday was celebrity day in Logan and Quay County, and Monday night was celebrity night at the Annex Bar and Grill.  We’re not usually visited by anyone remotely famous, but on Monday Dean Karnazes and the “Run Across America” team from Regis and Kelly ran (quite literally) into town.  We waited on the side of the road, the Annex put up a welcome sign, and then our kids ran a mile or two with Dean – appropriate since his 3,000+ mile run is entitled “Action for Awareness” and one of it’s main purposes is to raise awareness about childhood obesity.   [ Read More ]

February - 25 - 2011

I’m a New Mexico girl.  There’s nothing I like better than a movie filmed in New Mexico, especially if it’s filled with long shots of amazing vistas, great acting, and that inexplicable quirkiness that seems to accompany working here.  I’m thinking Silverado, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Cheyenne Social Club, Sunshine Cleaning Company,  No Country for Old Men, and of course, Crazy Heart.   I said this in a previous post http://www.ilovenewmexicoblog.com/?s=Crazy+Heart  – If they gave out Academy Awards for locations, I think New Mexico would win every time. When you set a movie in New Mexico, recruit actors like Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and  [ Read More ]

November - 16 - 2010

Fall means several things at my house.  Green chile roasting and freezing.  Raking leaves in the backyard.  Planting arugula for a winter crop.  Smoking a turkey to see how it might work to do the same on Thanksgiving Day.  And gathering enough wood to burn in the fireplace until spring.  Luckily I live with a guy who traded some electrical work for a couple of cords of wood.  Dave wired a house in Mosquero in exchange for wood, with the only requirement being that we had to retrieve it.  From Ray Vigil’s Dad’s place in Mosquero Canyon. So last Saturday we  [ Read More ]

September - 3 - 2010

It’s no secret.  I love food.  Good food.  Gourmet food.  Hot Dog Stand Food.  Carnival Food.  Truck Stop Food.  Mexican, Italian, Indian, Thai. . .the list is endless.  I once had a heck of an Ethiopian meal in Wrigleyville in Chicago.  It’s a miracle I don’t weigh 400 pounds.   So imagine my delight when a new truck stop with allegedly great food opened up right down the road.  And it’s owned by my neighbors, the Russells.  They’re good neighbors.  We’re happy to have them here, even if their 11,000 square feet home blocks my view of the east end of Ute  [ Read More ]

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