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January - 20 - 2015

A couple of months ago, I promised to post my Grandma Ayres’ chocolate pie recipe after the Texas cousins dinner was over.   I just felt compelled to try it before I posted it.  Yes, in fact, my cousin Tommy’s version was perfect (we all wanted to put our heads in the pie pan and lap up the scraps), but sometimes you want to know if the recipe is really as easy as he says. It looks simple, which was the secret to the success of Grandma’s recipes – she raised ten kids in Porter, New Mexico, on a farmer’s income.  And  [ Read More ]

May - 12 - 2014

Sometimes I’m so busy thinking about what I find most interesting in New Mexico that I forget to notice the obvious. Like a lot of other people, I move as quickly as possible through my life. Last Friday I drove to Logan to help my mom with the Mother’s Day flower rush, a ritual as familiar in my life now as returning for Christmas or the 4th of July. It is a gathering of sorts where my siblings and nieces and daughter and I come together to help in whatever way we can. Not difficult, not exciting, not anything in  [ Read More ]

February - 16 - 2014

There’s a stretch of road on I-40 about 12 miles west of Tucumcari where you pass a short little mesa on the right and then the road swings ever so slightly to the north before opening onto a broad plain heading straight west.  The view will make you think “vistas” and “wide open spaces.”  It’s rimmed on all sides by mesas, but the expanse between the highway and the mesas is miles and miles of New Mexico space.   The little village of Montoya sits at the west end of that particular valley. I’ve taken some bad trips and made some  [ Read More ]

February - 13 - 2014

Yes, you read that headline correctly.  I’m going to write about funeral food. You know what I mean. Those potluck dishes you create for the family dinner at the Baptist Church or the Civic Center or the American Legion Bingo Hall that follows any memorial service. Where the requirements are that each creation, unless it’s fried chicken or roast beef or posole, must contain at least one of the following:  cream of mushroom soup, velveeta cheese, cool whip or Eagle Brand Milk (aka sweetened condensed milk). Except in New Mexico, where there’s an additional requirement.  Green chile. And there are  [ Read More ]

February - 12 - 2014

Wordless.  Not a descriptor people usually attach to me. But I’ll try. Let me just say that I cleaned off my camera and found these. Enjoy.  

January - 6 - 2014

It’s high school basketball season again.  Finally. In New Mexico that means a lot of things.  There are gymnasiums all over the state where teams are spending at least an hour after school running laps, sprints, drills, and, best of all, plays. Somewhere tonight there’s a kid nursing a bad case of shin splints while another high fives her dad and says, “I made ten free throws in a row during practice! I really did it!” For me, it means only one thing. I’ve printed the Logan Longhorn Basketball schedule and have it on my bulletin board over my desk.  [ Read More ]

November - 25 - 2013

I recently read a post entitled “Always Go To The Funeral.”   A woman named Diedre Sullivan wrote it for the “This I Believe” series on NPR.  She said it was a point on which her father was unyielding.  Whether or not she wanted to, he told her to always go to the funeral.  To do it for the family. It’s a beautiful piece of writing. I’m not stealing Ms. Sullivan’s thoughts.  I just think it bears repeating.  And her post reminded me that I’ve always lived with this advice as well.  Not that it was spoken.  Not that my  [ Read More ]

New Mexico State Fair, New Mexico Expo Rodeo
September - 19 - 2013

Yes, it’s a repost.  About one of my favorite events in New Mexico. Something magical happens in New Mexico the moment the Quay County Fair opens.  The hot, dry, blistery summer that has had us all gasping (especially this summer, but as I recall, in all summers past) through August waiting for some relief breaks and  it suddenly starts to feel like fall.  I know intellectually that this is a product of the calendar being closer to September than July, but all my life I’ve equated it with the Fair.  One morning during the County Fair, you wake up and  [ Read More ]

July - 4 - 2013

I just finished my July 4th breakfast in Santa Fe.  On the Plaza.  But not at one of my favorite restaurants. This time, I ate with thousands of other people at the 38th annual Pancakes on the Plaza event sponsored by the Rotary Club of Santa Fe. It was fun, it was delicious, it was obviously a very local event, and it’s my new favorite July 4th tradition.  For $7 I got to contribute to a good cause and I got to sit in the grass near the obelisk in the Plaza and eat two plate-sized pancakes topped with maple  [ Read More ]

May - 23 - 2013

The New Mexico Tourism Department is looking for great New Mexico stories – your’s, mine, our’s.  Whatever great New Mexico story you have to tell.  They want to know all about what New Mexico means to you.  And if the tale is compelling and clever and very “New Mexico True,” you could win the grand prize of $5,000.  Check the contest out here.  I’m totally in.  From my first red bikini swim in Cimarron Canyon at 3 years old to my childhood camping trips at Tres Ritos to my high school water skiing days on Ute Lake to my dinner  [ Read More ]

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