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April - 10 - 2015

I wrote this little piece to honor my mother and my aunt Crystell. We were informed last week that the Tucumcari Chapter of the DAR had chosen them as their “Historic Women of Quay County for 2015” or something like that. So my cousin Janis called to let me know the luncheon was coming up, and then she said, “They asked me to write something about my mom and your’s. I say YOU are going to be the one to write it.” So I started writing. I am from a huge family. You can’t swing a cat in Quay County  [ Read More ]

May - 11 - 2012

This is a repost of one of my favorite New Mexico stories. My daddy grew up in Porter, New Mexico, the youngest of ten children.  He delights in telling what I think of as “baby of the family” stories (I have a number of my own. . .), about how the older brothers used to torture him by hiding behind the tank and jumping out to frighten him when he had to walk to the windmill after dark to turn the pump off , or how he sometimes had to stay in and help Granny Terry in the house because he was the  [ Read More ]

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May - 12 - 2010

I had great intentions – I wanted to do a big blowout Mother’s Day post to celebrate my mom. I knew it would be a challenge to convey exactly what she means to me, to all of us, to the entire community actually (and by community, I don’t mean just Logan, but the greater community – the people she’s touched in Mexico and South America and Thailand and in all those foreign countries to which she’s traveled on mission trips, and in Amarillo where she’s worked at City Church or donated piles of used items to the homeless and battered,  [ Read More ]

February - 20 - 2010

I went to a great funeral yesterday.  I’m sure there are those of you who think the word “great” and “funeral” should never appear in the same sentence, much less next to each other.   But this really was a great funeral.  Inez Brown, the 93 year-old mother of my friend JoRheta, passed away after a long illness and was buried in the Tucumcari cemetery yesterday morning after a graveside service.  Although we’re in the midst of  the coldest winter on record in 25 years, the weather wasn’t miserable.   The wind let up for about an hour, there was a capella  [ Read More ]

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