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May - 14 - 2014

    Some of these photos have appeared in a previous post, but it’s been a while.   These are all in Harding County. Every part of New Mexico is different, but Harding County holds a special place in my heart.  

April - 14 - 2012

This is a repost – this past week was Bookmobile week, and as luck would have it, it was also the week the Bookmobile came to Logan.  Now I have a new stack of books for a month, and you have a post to read about one of my favorite New Mexico institutions!  I love the Bookmobile. I’ve been in Atlanta for the past seven days, and it makes me very content to be back in Logan after a week in the city.   Don’t get me wrong.   I love getting to eat fresh seafood and amazing Thai noodles and sushi.   [ Read More ]

January - 26 - 2012

Some of my earliest memories from the 60’s involve the sound of someone dribbling a basketball down the court while the crowd cheers.  I love the smell of a gymnasium – hardwood varnish, basketball leather, a bit of sweat, popcorn, cinnamon suckers.  In my mind I can still see all those tiny gyms of my childhood – Grady with their wooden bleachers behind a barrier (like in “Hoosiers”), San Jon’s brick walls, Amistad’s cavernous court that turned into a dance floor every New Year’s and Christmas, Logan’s little gym with three rows of built-in wooden seats under tall casement windows and  [ Read More ]

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November - 16 - 2010

Fall means several things at my house.  Green chile roasting and freezing.  Raking leaves in the backyard.  Planting arugula for a winter crop.  Smoking a turkey to see how it might work to do the same on Thanksgiving Day.  And gathering enough wood to burn in the fireplace until spring.  Luckily I live with a guy who traded some electrical work for a couple of cords of wood.  Dave wired a house in Mosquero in exchange for wood, with the only requirement being that we had to retrieve it.  From Ray Vigil’s Dad’s place in Mosquero Canyon. So last Saturday we  [ Read More ]

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