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August - 25 - 2016

This is a repost (from Feb 10, 2010) of a great recipe I borrowed from Food Network Favorites and then modified. I took this to a potluck recently and everyone wanted the recipe.  I’m suggesting you try it sometime soon.  It’s an easy way to get you green chile fix AND impress your neighbors or co-workers. Although I’m doing my very best to follow Michael Pollan’s Food Rules (see previous post at http://bit.ly/fYbPsT), there are days, especially when you’ve been up to your arse in alligators and you come home and take something out of the freezer (gypsy stew from the  [ Read More ]

August - 23 - 2016

One of my posts in this blog was all about cooking calabacitas for the California nieces, and it dawned on me that the easiest way for everyone, especially someone new to this cuisine, to prepare traditional New Mexican dishes is to own one of my favorite cookbooks – Simply Simpatico, from the Junior League of Albuquerque (find at http://www.jlabq.org/ – $19.95). My copy was given to me by my pal Patty Williams, back in 1988, and the pages are, quite appropriately, smeared with evidence of red chile sauce, avocado, batter from chile rellenos.  I’ve USED this cookbook. Especially during the years that I was  [ Read More ]

February - 14 - 2014

I’m a fan of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules. If our grandparents wouldn’t recognize it, we shouldn’t eat it. That’s his advice. And baking my own corn chips from locally produced corn tortillas seems to get pretty close to that ideal. I’m all out of chips, as I have been for several weeks (okay, I refuse to buy a bag of tortilla chips because I’ll eat them all in one sitting – I’m a chips and salsa junky.  Any questions?) and now I’ve become addicted to my own home-baked corn chips.  And I thought you just might enjoy knowing how I  [ Read More ]

January - 22 - 2011

This being a new year and all, I decided to take a look at my past posts and see what you were all reading the most.  Turns out, surprisingly, that my post last January 17, 2010, on New Mexico Breakfasts and Green Chile Sauce has gotten the most views since the beginning of this little endeavor.  I’m not much of a believer in re-posting, but I thought you might enjoy a second look.  Or a first look, just in case you missed it.  I just read it again, and it made me hungry!! New Mexico Breakfasts and Green Chile Sauce It’s  [ Read More ]

October - 1 - 2010

There aren’t many things I miss about living in the city, but having a Farmer’s Market to visit on a weekly basis is one of them.  Well, that and really good takeout pizza.  Movies at the megaplex on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Bookstores that stay open until 11 p.m.  Thai food.  Otherwise, I’m pretty content to stay in Logan where there are no stoplights, no criminals (other than those high school kids who took my Zune last spring, but they must have needed it more than me, right?), no lines at the post office or the MVD. Ah, but the  [ Read More ]

February - 12 - 2010

 Several weeks back I wrote about a Sunday morning breakfast that included homemade green chile sauce – my attempt to follow Michael Pollan’s Food Rules by using all fresh local ingredients. I provided the recipe. And I got some great comments and e-mails, a couple of which said things like “are you f-ing crazy? Do you think I have ANY access to fresh green chile since I got exiled to Seattle?” (Sorry Pat Palmer. . .) In response to that, and as a confession of sorts, I have to tell you that I don’t always make homemade green chile sauce,  [ Read More ]

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