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January - 27 - 2014

This post originally appeared at the Two Casitas blog I write for Wendy Kapp. One of the absolute best things about Santa Fe is the eating. I agree that it’s not the only thing worthwhile about visiting – there’s the Opera and the Lensic and the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and the Plaza and the Railyard and the hiking and the skiing and Ten Thousand Waves and music at El Farol on a Saturday night. . . There are a lot of good reasons to visit Santa Fe. But the food. . .just thinking about the amazing and varied food you  [ Read More ]

August - 27 - 2011

Last Sunday, my daughter posted on Facebook that she was headed to Santa Fe on the Railrunner with a plan to spend her last day of summer being a total tourist before classes began at UNM.  I posted back “May I join you?  Lunch, maybe?”  And before she could reply in the affirmative, I was on the road. Yes, it’s a 2 hour and 45 minute drive.  Yes, I probably needed to spend a day pulling grassburrs out of the flower beds.  Yes, I probably could have saved the gas money for a longer trip elsewhere.   But some days you just have  [ Read More ]

September - 11 - 2010

   “Art is only art when it is synonymous with living.” –Alexander Girard Last year at this time, Johanna was a new student at UNM.  I was trying to figure out what to do with my evenings – the days of waiting for her to get home from volleyball practice or cokes at the Super Stop before I could plan dinner, the “what school project is due tomorrow?” question sessions, the piles of never-ending laundry in the utility room (which, I have to say, she always did herself) were over – and I was missing her horribly.  She was navigating the newness of her  [ Read More ]

January - 17 - 2010

It’s Sunday morning, and if you’re like me, you wake up thinking of a great breakfast.    Something with extra strong coffee with half and half and honey, hot green chile, runny eggs, maybe some beans and potatoes.    This is how we eat here, and not surprisingly, the simplicity of a New Mexico breakfast, the recipe for which has been around hundreds of years, falls in line with Michael Pollan’s new Food Rules.   I’ve been reading Pollan, thinking about how I’ve spent practically every day of my life thinking about what I put into my mouth (ask any woman – I’ll bet you 8  [ Read More ]

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