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May - 23 - 2013

The New Mexico Tourism Department is looking for great New Mexico stories – your’s, mine, our’s.  Whatever great New Mexico story you have to tell.  They want to know all about what New Mexico means to you.  And if the tale is compelling and clever and very “New Mexico True,” you could win the grand prize of $5,000.  Check the contest out here.  I’m totally in.  From my first red bikini swim in Cimarron Canyon at 3 years old to my childhood camping trips at Tres Ritos to my high school water skiing days on Ute Lake to my dinner  [ Read More ]

October - 13 - 2011

  My great pals (and cousins) TJ and Robin Smith went for a long drive last weekend, all over northern New Mexico.  Las Vegas, Villanueva, Pecos, Mora, Tres Ritos, Taos, Angel Fire, Red River, Cimarron. . .     They took a pile of pictures.    When I suggested that they write a guest blog, they suggested that I write the content instead and use their photos.  Well, the only content I feel like writing is “Wish I had been there.”  For those of you who haven’t spent October in New Mexico, all I can say is, “Get here.”  The colors  [ Read More ]

June - 8 - 2011

A couple of weeks ago, on a chilly and windy Saturday afternoon, Dave and I drove out to take pictures for my “24 miles from Logan to San Jon” idea for a post.  I wasn’t particularly pleased with the universe that afternoon – what I really wanted to do that weekend was drive to Cimarron and spend the night at the St. James Hotel and wander around the cemetery there and do the walking tour and maybe try to talk the management into letting me do some copywriting for their non-existent website.   I wanted a weekend away from home but  [ Read More ]

December - 14 - 2010

We did it again.  A year ago, when I first started writing this blog, Dave and I had dinner at the St. James in Cimarron.  And last week we went back for more.  It’s beginning to be a birthday tradition. . .the 12 oz rib eye with sweet potato fries.  This time we took TJ and Rob with us.  The food was, again, fabulous.  The service was better than that.  And the St. James was all dressed up for Christmas, including a bright red bow on the mountain lion mounted on the wall over the fireplace. I consider the St.  [ Read More ]

December - 17 - 2009

I love the restaurant at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron. I love that I can get in my car in Logan with my boyfriend and be in Red River in less than three hours. And I love that this past Friday, on the way to spend half-price weekend in Red River (half price on lodging, ski lift tickets, rentals, etc. – it’s a tradition in Red River, and a mighty fine one at that!), Dave suggested that we stop at the St. James in Cimarron and have my belated birthday dinner. For those of you that haven’t been to Cimarron,  [ Read More ]

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