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November - 6 - 2012

I was in a nail salon in Santa Fe a couple of weeks ago, visiting with and becoming fast friends with the girl giving me a manicure.  She was telling me all about how relocating to Santa Fe from Espanola had changed her social life and how much fun she was having.  “And then we went to the premiere of Bless Me Ultima at the Lensic the other night. . .” she chattered on, and I lifted my free hand. “Wait,” I said, “There’s a movie?” “Oh yes,” she said, “. . .and if you’re from New Mexico, you’ll love  [ Read More ]

March - 21 - 2012

Repost from January 2010, but still so timely.  Need a good book?  Here’s my best recommendation today: My favorite books are on the top shelf of the blue bookshelf in my bedroom.   There’s a copy of Salinger’s Nine Stories, and Anaya’s Bless Me Ultima (which deserves its own post someday).   I have Ellen Gilchrist and Anne Lamott and a copy of Pam Houston’s Cowboys are My Weakness and Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love and of course, Annie Proulx’s Shipping News and The Legacy of Conquest by Patty Limerick.   All good books.   Not necessarily Ulysses or Crime and Punishment or Tolstoy or Atlas  [ Read More ]

February - 2 - 2011

It’s Winter in New Mexico.  It’s quite obviously Winter, which means you’re going to have considerably time for reading.  I thought it would be fun to write about what I think are the top 10 books about New Mexico, and in the process I’m hoping I’ll hear from you on what books you believe should be included in the list.  Each Wednesday, I’ll post a review of one of the books I’ve chosen for the list – comment if you have a choice I should consider.  I’m anxious to get your feedback – and would love to hear about a  [ Read More ]

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