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Posted by admin on October - 16 - 2011 | 1 Comment

I’m trying, I’m trying.  Honestly, I am.  I’m really trying to follow Michael Pollan’s Food Rules and eat as locally as possible.  But sometimes it’s tricky in this impossibly dry climate where everybody’s gardens have been stubbornly unproductive.  And I live 24 miles from a Farmer’s Market. When I see an opportunity to try a local product, I’m on it.

And Sunland Organic Peanut Butter is just that.  I had my reservations when I stopped in their retail store on the outskirts of Portales, New Mexico.  I’ve tried natural/organic peanut butter before.  It’s generally very dry and the oil is always in a slimy pool at the top of the jar and you have to stir and stir and when you’ve finally mixed up the pb, the taste is marginal.   Sorta like dirt. 

But I wanted to give them a chance, and I also wanted to try some of their other products – I bought a bag of roasted peanuts for my dad and a jar of Thai Ginger and Red Pepper peanut butter for myself, to go with the Crunchy Valencia.  I have visions of Thai peanut noodles somewhere down the road.

We had a taste test this morning when Dave made pancakes.  Yes, I put crunchy peanut butter on my pancakes (doesn’t everyone?).  The Sunland Organic was delicious with my pancake.  But the spoon-taste-test (without syrup) was also a success.  Great texture, great taste – I’ll definitely be buying more of this. 

If you’re like me and don’t get to Portales very often, visit their online store.   My 12 oz jar of pb was only $8.00 and if you go with regular rather than organic, it’s $4.50.

Good stuff, good New Mexico product, healthy, no trans fats, no cholesterol, sugar free, salt free and gluten free.  I can’t believe it tastes as good as it does, but I’m convinced.  Try it. . .

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  1. Vicky says:

    Of course I put pb on my pancakes. Can’t have one without. Will have to try this new organic pb.

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