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Posted by admin on July - 22 - 2012 | 2 Comments

I’m not much of a shopper, unless wandering through thrift stores or rifling through racks at consignment shops counts as serious shopping.  I personally think I own far too much “stuff” already, and that I have everything I need. You know, reduce, reuse, recycle – that sort of thing.

But I do have a weakness for unique jewelry, and I’ve located a new store in the Santa Fe Railyard that feeds that addiction quite nicely.  The fact that the jewelry there is amazingly affordable is a plus.  The bigger bonus is that the owners are folks that I’ve met before on the wholesale show circuit.

Sterling Spirit just opened a couple of months ago at 403 1/2 S. Guadalupe in Santa Fe.  They’re adjacent to the new Swiss Bakery at the corner of Montezuma and Guadalupe (yeah, I also love baked goods, so that shopping at Sterling Spirit and saving money gives me an excuse to go next door and have an eclair afterwards).

Sterling Spirit is the brainchild of Barbara Edelman and Joe Ryan, the team who created Everyday Artifacts, a jewelry line that uses “Jeff’s unique techniques of applying imagery to any kind of flat surface. Their current line of Simple Picture Necklaces™ and Tiny Type Necklaces™ feature photographic images and words on metal. The line is carried in over 300 stores and museums nationwide.”  ( I lifted that description from one of their press releases.  I couldn’t have said it better.)

I loved the Everyday Artifacts line the day I first spotted it at the Javitz Center in New York at the International Gift Fair.  I stopped to visit with Barbara in her booth and was delighted to find that she was a fellow New Mexican.  I then saw her again one Sunday morning at the Santa Fe Flea Market at the Railyard.  That’s when she told me she and Jeff had decided to try to locate retail space so that they could sell Everyday Artifacts, as well as other lines from artists they’d met on the road.

Imagine my delight when I wandered into Sterling Spirit early in June, on my way to the Cowgirl for a drink on the patio, and saw Barbara behind the counter.  We greeted each other like old friends and then I browsed, thinking I’d be cordial and show interest, but knowing in my heart that I really couldn’t afford to jewelry shop in Santa Fe.  Always too pricey, right?


Wrong!  Sterling Spirit has somehow kept the price of all their items amazingly affordable.  Barbara explained to me that because of their extensive contacts in the jewelry market, they worked out deals with all sorts of artists, potters, silversmiths, etc., and took some of their extra stock in return for the opportunity to fill Sterling Spirit with beautiful merchandise at closeout prices.  I’m talking nationally known artists who sell their goods elsewhere for exorbitant prices.  At Sterling Spirit, they’re quite affordable.  So affordable, in fact, that Barbara asked me not to discuss specific prices.

I was with my niece Amy that weekend, and we both bought a pair of earrings to celebrate the weekend and to wear to a concert at Sol Santa Fe.  My earrings  were $18, her’s were $15.

I saw several other things I wanted and I plan to return in the next week or so and do some early Christmas shopping.  The deals are just too good to pass up, and when you can buy beautiful, quality merchandise like this in Santa Fe, it’s a thrifty shopper’s dream come true.

I love New Mexico and I love New Mexico artists.  I especially love to promote their work and their good ideas.  If you’re in Santa Fe anytime soon, drop by Sterling Spirit and tell Barbara I sent you.  You’re gonna love these beautiful bargains.

By the way, for those of you who live too far away to visit Santa Fe on a regular basis, you can find Everyday Artifacts online at http://www.sterlingspirit.com/.  Take a look.  This stuff is gorgeous and very unique!

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  1. Wow, Bunny! Thanks for the heads up. I’m always looking for beautiful, affordable jewelry. I will definitely visit their shop when I get Santa Fe.

  2. Betty terry says:

    Sounds like my kind

    Sounds like my kind of shop-we can go when I come to see you.

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