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Posted by admin on February - 15 - 2012 | 2 Comments

This post first appeared a couple of weeks ago on the Two Casitas blog I now write.  But there’s a chance my I Love New Mexico readers missed it, and I want you to know all about Santa Fe Creative Tourism.  I’m about to sign up for a workshop in March. . .

Nobody loves a weekend in Santa Fe more than I do.   St. Francis Cathedral.  Canyon Road.  The Plaza.   Green Chile.  Spas. Thrift Stores.  The Railyard.  All the stuff I love to do, plus something new every time I show up.   The list goes on forever.

But recently I decided that I’m going to roll up my sleeves and get involved in something more creative during my next visit.  I found an amazing website/blog that’s just the ticket if you want to do something more than walk around and eat and occasionally stop for cocktails (nothing wrong with any of that, but I’m ready to broaden my Santa Fe experience)!

Joan Kafri's folkloric Middle Eastern Belly Dance - this just may be the workshop I choose!

Wouldn’t you love to go home with a newly acquired skill or a more sharply honed one?  Doesn’t the idea of stretching your brain around a new project excite you?  It does me.  If you’ve ever thought you’d like to try something like shaping adobe bricks for historic restoration, a gourmet cooking class, or photography specifically for the light and air in northern New Mexico, I’ve found the perfect website to fulfill your needs.

Pottery lessons anyone?

Go right now to Santa Fe Creative Tourism and check out the crazy list of options they offer for making your weekend/week/vacation in Santa Fe more fun and much more interesting!  There’s a 5-day painting package with Cathy Carey, Outspire Hiking and Snowshoeing adventures; biking, hiking and rafting with Artists for Hire (I love the tagline on this one – “nonjudgmental art process developed for all abilities. . .”); Bird watching; workshops on drawing, collage, even blogging (yes, blogging.  Is this an art form?  Love that idea.).  There’s even a Circus Arts class in the summer for your entire family. 

The possibilities appear to be endless – every time I click on a drop down menu on this site (another link here), I find something else that intrigues me.  There’s weaving, theater, dance, traditional arts, glass and jewelry, literary arts, print making. . .and within each of those menu items, there’s another plethora of options from which to choose.

There's even a silversmithing class. . .

This is my new favorite site for Santa Fe visiting.  And I’m pretty sure I’m going to need more than a weekend to try their options.  The most exciting part to me is that there’s always something going on. . .if I miss the Cathy Carey 5-day package, I can choose something for exactly the time frame I plan to be in town.  I’m pretty sure I’ll still be stopping on occasion for an Ore House margarita – I’ll just be doing it after I learn something new.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Wendy Kapp says:

    So are you going to take the workshop offered to us? I hope so. Talk to Brent.Very nice guy.

  2. Sabrina says:

    Which workshop are you taking? Let me know, maybe I will join!

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