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Posted by admin on May - 24 - 2011 | 23 Comments

 Those you who know me well know exactly how I feel about Pick Up Sticks Jewelry

If you follow this blog, you’ve already read the posts about my friends, Glena Henry and Sabrina Colson, who very successfully created a fun, clever and unique jewelry line that’s grown beyond all our wildest imaginings (read part 2 of the posts here).

Pick Up Sticks is a  New Mexico success story – Glena and Sabrina are Quay County girls who now operate their business in Clovis (studio and warehouse) and Albuquerque (design). 

I’m so proud of them and so excited about their success AND their new retail website that I decided to use Pick Up Sticks for my first I Love New Mexico giveaway.

A lucky winner will get a photo charm and trinket OF THEIR CHOICE on a 20″ stainless steel ball chain. 

The drawing for the giveaway will be on May 31, 2011 – I’ll randomly draw a name from all the folks who comment on this post OR subscribe to my blog.  If you do both, I’ll put your name in the hat twice! 

Check out the blog posts so that you know all about the company and check out the retail website at http://shop.pickupsticks.net – you can choose the necklace you’d like to win and order several other amazing pieces to add to or begin your own Pick Up Sticks collection.  

You’re gonna love this stuff!

23 Responses so far.

  1. Claudia says:

    I love Pick Up Sticks too.. It’s my favorite jewelry brand… I’m not from USA, I’m from Colombia (SouthAmerica) and I discovered Pick Up Sticks in a post of a foreign blog… I love Pick Up Sticks, their designs are unique, original and awesome. Love, Claudia

    • admin says:

      Thanks Claudia! I write the Pick Up Sticks blog as well – so hope you enjoy this one. . .You’re a great fan to have. And if you’ll send me the link to your’s, I’ll post it here on I Love NM!

  2. Carolyn Jonas says:

    Really cute jewelry

  3. laura tate says:

    Love it all! Gonna have to go shopping for those one of a kind birthday gifts now. 🙂

  4. Dian says:

    Love this jewelry!

  5. Debby Compton says:

    Your blog is my first exposure to ” Pick up Sticks Jewelery.” Looks fab on the page, must be outstanding on, especially if it can tell a tale of the wearer’s adventures and interests!!

  6. Cydne says:

    I love the jewelry after discovering it through your blog and Facebook. Can’t wait to get something!

  7. Bethe Terry-Cunningham says:

    I counted and my Pick-Up-Sticks charms now exceed 25 and sadly I do not have enough! So…please place my name in the box….I love Pick-Up-Sticks….in fact I gave 11 as graduation gifts…lucky girls I say!!

  8. Bri says:

    You know I have a slight obsession with pick up sticks! My hubby thinks I have WAY too much but I think there’s never enough! Love it all!!!

  9. Angela Ladousier says:

    I Love this Jewelry, since I am in a spot where I am losing my house I am not in a position to purchase any Yet! But I want to and will be as soon as I can! The Most Creative Jewelry I have ever seen and Just Beautiful too Boot!

  10. Linda Pierce says:

    I love Pick-Up-Sticks! Fun, fun jewelry that always brings compliments when I wear it. Would love to add to my collection!

  11. Angela Ladousier says:

    I absolutely Love Love Love Pick Up Sticks, I unfortunitly i am going threw the process of letting my home go due to not being able to recover from the hard times everyone has had, anyway have yet to buy my self a piece of Lovely Pick up Sticks! I will ASAP when things are better, I can’t wait though, thinking maybe I need to do a birthday/holiday gift list for this! Lol Pick up sticks is the most creative beautiful Jewelry I have evr seen! And super cute to Boot too! Thanks for this Lovely Jewery that I think is just Awesome Art you can Wear!

    Angela Ladousier
    Angela’s Sweet Kakes
    north Augusta, SC

  12. Devon Scott-Daniels says:

    I LOVE Pick Up-Sticks jewelry and VERY EXCITED they now have an online store now. Would love to win! Thanks for this giveaway!

  13. Karyn H says:

    I love the jewelry! So hard to make a decision since they are all so cute.

    and I do believe I am already subscribed to the blog, so please throw my name in the hat, too!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Karen! Let me know if you’re receiving notifications of the blog posts – I had a bit of a problem with my prior subscription plugin. If you’re not, I’ll do a delete and you can resubscribe!

      • Karyn H says:

        I think I am receiving notifications..LOL..I will pay attention and make sure of it. I check the site a lot, so it could be that…but I’ll let you know.

        hubby is laughing that I am so in love with New mexico and I live in….. ssshhhhh arizona…

  14. Vicky Smith says:

    Well unlike Bethe and Bri I don’t have too much pick up sticks so therefore I need to be the winner…Very cute jewelry.

  15. Ben says:

    Wow! What a response! of course, I should win – Pick Up Sticks is my favorite. Today I have on the original (I think) – it’s the American flag and on the other side, the lady carrying the flag. My favorite piece is When you Stumble on one side and “making it a part of your dance” on the other!

  16. Beth McKenzie Castaneda says:

    I am hooked on this. Want to be a winner, but feel I already am because I found this. Only in New Mexico could you find such amazing stuff as this Pick Up Sticks momento jewelry. I wan’ it, I wan’ it, I wan’ it. Thanks so much for the chance to win something really great and special. Boo-tee-ful!

  17. Beth McKenzie Castaneda says:

    Thanks for an opportunity to win a bit of what I foresee as history in the making with this excellent bit of tiny jewelry and so much fun, too.

  18. Samantha Issa says:

    I absolutely adore Pick Up Sticks! I have a bunch of charms and cannot get enough of the adorable designs! Thanks for this opportunity!

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