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Pick Up Sticks new designs for Winter 2013

Pick Up Sticks new designs for Winter 2013

The rules of blogging are very clear.  Never, ever, ever apologize for not posting.  But I have to say to those of you who are faithful followers of I Love New Mexico – Sorry.  I’ve had some niggling health issues, and I’m working very hard on them, but that doesn’t keep me from being a devoted follower of everything New Mexican.  I’m back, mostly, and I plan to get on track with posting about the things we love best here in the Land of Enchantment.


I decided to create a new feature for 2013 – my list of New Mexico favorites. I figure if you’re reading this, you’re just as nuts about New Mexico as I am, and you’d like a little help finding the companies and products and places and restaurants and books and dive bars and food and shops and lodging and various other stuff that makes New Mexico what it is so that you can enjoy your own sampling.  Along the way, while I’m writing these posts, I’d love to have your feedback as well. Tell me your favorites. It will give me something new to explore.

bracelet smaller

I’ve written about Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company before in this blog. In addition to being the brainchild of the incredibly creative Sabrina Colson and the very talented business mind of Glena Henry, Pick Up Sticks Jewelry is fun, clever, sentimental without being sappy, affordable, artistic, quite successful (over 900 stores in the U.S., with other retailers in Canada and the UK) and dozens of other superlatives.  Take a look for yourself at http://shop.pickupsticks.net/.


Pick Up Sticks is also a very successful New Mexico company that just happens to be run and owned by two of my best friends in the universe, both of them Quay County girls (from Logan, of course).

Me, Glena and Sabrina.  A year or two ago. . .

Me, Glena and Sabrina. A year or two ago. . .

And recently when I got my marginal diagnosis, they rallied ’round and provided my family with hundreds of photo charms to be sold as both inspiration and to raise money for my out-of-pocket medical expenses. At no charge to my family.  And then they contributed almost 100 more charms to a raffle/game at a Logan benefit for me, which raised a very helpful pile of $$$.  See their post about that here.


While I’m incredibly grateful for their contribution, selling the charms wouldn’t have worked at all if the product wasn’t so desirable.  As you can see from the photos, Pick Up Sticks charms and trinkets and necklaces are great fashion accessories, all designed in Albuquerque and assembled in their studio in Clovis.  You can check out their background story at their blog, with stories ranging from how being Logan and New Mexico natives influenced who they are and the creation of the company to what great friends they’ve been to me.


As for the contest?  I want to give some lucky fan of I Love New Mexico a Pick Up Sticks necklace, complete with one favorite photo charm, one favorite trinket, one initial in the style of your choice and a 36″ stainless steel necklace.  Two second place winners will get their initial in the style of their choice on a 20″ stainless steel necklace.


The contest rules?  Simple, very simple.  Go to www.pickupsticks.net and click on their retail website and choose your favorite charm, trinket and initial style.  Or just choose your favorite charm.  Come back here and comment below or go to the I Love New Mexico Facebook page and post a comment about your favorite Pick Up Sticks charm.  I’ll randomly draw a winner from the comments the day after the contest ends, which will be January 31, 2013 at midnight MST.


Disclaimer?  Not much, other than I love Pick Up Sticks, I love Glena and Sabrina for the friends they’ve been to me for decades, and I love that they are a New Mexico company that has seen great success over the past 12 or so years.  Oh, yeah, I also write their blog, so if you like what you read there, you’re welcome to give me a pat on the back.

Comment away.  You’re going to want some of this jewelry. Of course, you’re always welcome to go ahead and order from their retail site – I’m pretty sure they won’t mind if you do that. I love New Mexico and I love Pick Up Sticks. You will too.


22 Responses so far.

  1. I like the magnifying glass! That is VERY cool.

  2. Ramsey says:

    Adorable! I love the “Inhale, Exhale, Repeat” charm and chicklet initials. And the owl trinket.

  3. karyn h says:

    I LOVE Pick Up Sticks.
    I guess its hard for me to me narrow down my current favorites, but I will try.. I LOVE the bubble letters…I have a K and I switch it onto all my chains..I also love the Sparkle Stick…I am like a big old crow, if its shiny, I am all over it. The charm is harder, I love Healing Heart, its pretty special, but I equally like Tickled Pink…and Hotter Than a Pistol..Ok, I will stop, but they are all great.

    Bunny, you are always in my prayers.

  4. Cydne Cochran says:

    Word Candy for me! Wish Big!

  5. Laura Tate says:

    Such cute stuff!! That would be such a tough choice. Doing great with the business and the blog! We all know that you deserve the break to get ‘things’ taken care of. We’ll keep praying for you. Stay strong, keep moving forward. 🙂

  6. Nancy Wallace says:

    I love the “imagine” photo charm, the “twinkle star” trinket, and the “chicklet
    initials”. Thanks for featuring this company. I love New Mexico and have wanted something from Pick Up Sticks.

  7. Ed Loehr says:

    I love the “disco guitar” trinket – I feel this would nicely complement my neon green Borat thong ensemble. 😉

  8. Bri says:

    I love all Pick up Sticks!!! I would choose the “She is Original” charm with the sparkle star and a dot initial charm!!

  9. Vicky says:

    Love the Be Alive charm, square spaces trinket..Actually love them all!

  10. Cynthia says:

    I have loved them ALL for a long time but I have to say the one I am wearing now (I have not taken it off since I got it) is a little bit different than my other Pick Up Sticks charms. I am wearing the “I am blessed, we are blessed charm”. Helps me remember. Thanks!

  11. Lisa Kaehele-Davis says:

    I love the “Courage” charm and the “mini lucky charm” ’cause my motto is “I’m a lucky girl”. Love your blog Bunny…makes me homesick!

  12. C. Garcia says:

    Loved the “Sisters” charm. Oh so sweet and appropriate for my dear sis who lives in Bernalillo. ♥

  13. Linda Pierce says:

    “Words have Power” is my favorite! (Maybe something to do with being a librarian?) Love the magnifying glass charm and dot initials. I have loved Pick Up Sticks for a long time! Their jewelry is awesome!

  14. C. Garcia says:

    A suggestion for the Pick Up Sticks Ladies:

    I would love to see a charm with a Zia symbol. I’d buy that one in a heart
    beat. I was born in New Mexico (although I now live in Los Angeles) and my family has lived in New Mexico for over 200 years. The majority of my family is still there. It is definitely where I call “Home”. Please consider the Zia. Thank you! ♥

  15. Teri says:

    I thiink they are amazing! I wish that I had the money to order right now:( I love the free bird trinket and courage charm

  16. Melodie K. says:

    Thanx for turning me on to this source of original handmade art in our state ~

    My choice of charm is the Eiffel Sepia photo charm. Love its simplicity and the matter-of-fact tone of the quote. Plus, I love Paris.

    My favorite initial is the “M” chicklet initial. (Good for “Mochi” or my first name!)

  17. Bethe says:

    What do I like about Pick Up Sticks? They capture my heart and my soul….so there.

  18. Tiffany says:

    I like the “blessed” photo charm and the “mini-faith” trinket. So cute!


  19. Cydney M. Sanchez says:

    Love all this stuff. Great job!

  20. Ami says:


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