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Posted by bunnyterry on April - 29 - 2010 | 1 Comment

Me with the Pick Up Sticks girls (Glena and Sabrina) in Central Park, 2003. Who knew we'd still be having so much fun with the jewelry company in 2010?

I consider myself exceptionally lucky to live in a place where money and status are less important than happiness and compassion, especially since I have never had the desire to trade my precious time and sanity and health for a job where I might generate an impressive income.  So, when someone offers me a chance to make a little extra money doing the very thing I love best, I just count my lucky stars and jump right in with my trademark New Mexico girl panache and enthusiasm.

Writing about what I love is sorta like falling off a log, and that’s exactly what I’m getting paid to do for the girls at Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company.  They liked my blog, I love their jewelry (I also love the two of them like sisters, as you know from previous blogs), and we decided one good blog deserves another.  So, check out their blog at http://pickupsticksjewelry.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.  Given that I get to do the writing, I’d love to see your comments.  And if you like their jewelry, they’re running a little subscription contest (my idea) to get folks on board for the long haul.  See today’s post for details.

And now another friend of mine, Bethe Terry Cunningham (no relation, although boys in high school used to slide up next to me and ask me to introduce them to my adorable cousin), has created an amazing jeweled wedding bouquet that is a keepsake like none other.  After I admired her work, she offered to pay me to write about her product.  See her creations at www.bethesan.com.  If you have  a bride who wants a bouquet that is both beautiful and can be handed down to her daughters in 30 years, this is a website you have to see.    I’m pretty sure we’ll be blogging about our appearance on Martha Stewart’s bride show or Oprah sometime soon. 

Love New Mexico.  Love getting paid to talk about New Mexican artists and their unique products.  Love that I didn’t go to law school when they were all urging me to.  What would I do with all that money anyway?  No one here really cares. . .

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  1. I just went to http://www.bethesan.com, what can I say? Wow. Wow and WOW ! These are the most lovely bridal bouquets I have ever seen.

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