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Posted by admin on May - 21 - 2011 | 3 Comments

The hallway outside the new library - with the original windows, floor and scoreboard from Logan School's old gymnasium

Small towns, especially in trying economic times, are famous for razing old buildings and putting up a metal replacement. 

Interior of the new school library - that back wall was the stage where I sang a Carly Simon song in 1977. . .

Heaven knows we’ve done exactly that a number of times in Logan – we’ve foregone the cost of restoring an old rock hotel in favor of having Mueller come in and create a shiny new building for community gatherings.  I understand the economics, but it’s heartbreaking to see our history replaced with beige tin. . .

The center court Longhorn - now in the center of the library floor

But Logan School got it right recently.  When it was time to create a larger school library, instead of tearing down the old gymnasium, we turned it into a multi-use libary and media center.  And retained some great features – the tall south casement windows, the hardwood floor (where I got more than my share of floor burns, being the very clumsy basketball player that I was), even the scoreboard. 

Love the old scoreboard in the hallway outside the library. . .

While the library proper was carpeted, they created a cutout in the center of the floor – the old painted Longhorn that graced our gym center court now decorates the floor of the library.

A great space for reading and learning - they retained the shape of the northern windows of the gym as well

Logan School has a lot to be proud of – our test scores are higher than the rest of the county, we have better technology than most of the state, and we have a clean, attractive and modern physical plant.  But today I’m most proud of the fact that we saved a bit of history and turned it into something functional and beautiful.  And then dedicated the entire library to June May, our beloved school secretary.  Nice move!

3 Responses so far.

  1. This is amazing, how can I get a tour? That would be the same stage where I sang an obscure song named “Goofus”, recorded by Les Paul in 1950, for the Little Miss Logan pageant!

  2. Tonya says:

    The best thing I remember about the stage was the bicential we had for like 3 years in a row..do you remember? The whole community sang in it did skits…it was GRAND…then of course the jr. and sr. plays now that was some fun stuff and great acting if I must say so myself…I sure miss the old gym can’t used to the library being in there….

  3. John says:

    that’s awesome… I’m pretty sure I put some points up on that board back in the day.

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