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Hot Springs Pool near Jemez Springs

Okay – here’s another fortune I wrote for an all-girl party I attended in January.  It’s all in fun – read it in the spirit intended, and then take yourself to Jemez Springs for a great time, male or female.  It’s a great weekend getaway!

For good fortune in 2011, take yourself up to Jemez Springs for a day of relaxing and a night of total debauchery. This is a trip to celebrate your dual nature, your yin and yang, your good girl/wild girl. This is a trip to remind yourself that there are two sides to every story, and this time you’re going to BE the story.   

Jemez Mountain Inn

Reserve a room at the Jemez Mountain Inn (http://bit.ly/gVIEr5). If my friend Richard Sanchez still owns it, tell him I sent you. Try to get a room near the brook so that you can leave your window open and hear it babbling through the night (although after your night of debauchery, you may be the one babbling).   

Plan a trip to the Jemez Bathhouse . Schedule a massage and an herbal wrap. Soak in a private tub with someone you really like. Relax. Sweat. Relax. (Website:  http://bit.ly/hjgKiZ)
Jemez Bath House


If you’re brave, head into the hills north of town and find the outdoor springs, located a short hike up a hill from campground parking lots. You can find them on the Jemez Springs website, but it’s more fun to ask a local. They’ll tell you the best places to go.

Don’t plan to wear clothes into the springs. Plan to see some relatively unattractive older men naked. This will be training for your evening of debauchery. It will also make you really love the man you’re with, if you happen to have one along. Revel in the fact that all men, young or old, love to see you naked, regardless of your size or shape. If you absolutely must, wear something into the outdoor springs. But remember that life is short.  Sometimes naked isn’t so bad.       

If you have time, go further up the road toward Los Alamos and hike to Jemez Falls. No one will try to talk you into getting naked here – you’ll just be glad you came to see it.

Head back into town and have dinner at Los Ojos. Wear your cute girl clothes. Eat the green chile cheeseburger. Drink some cold beer and then wait for the band to begin. Drink some more cold beer, play a game of pool and visit with the locals. And then when the band tunes up and plays “Highway to Hell”, leap onto the bar and dance with your best friend. All that massaging and herbal wrapping and hot spring-soaking will serve you well and you can dance your heart out. Dance all night.    

Let 2011 be the year for finding your dual nature. Celebrate both sides of you while you enjoy your life to the fullest. Relax AND be a wild girl.  Just be, and love yourself for it!

Soda Dam at Jemez Springs



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