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Posted by admin on January - 30 - 2011 | 4 Comments

You New Mexicans who are forced to live elsewhere may cuss me this morning, but I’ve been thinking for a while that Sunday would be a great day to use specifically for green chile recipes, ideas, facts.  We are, after all, the land of green chile – our state question is “Red or green?” 

So if you’re unlucky enough to be living in Seattle or Maine and you don’t have green chile on hand with which to try my suggestions, I have one word of advice:  http://www.nationwidecandy.com/bueno-foods-mx1-bueno.htm, where you can buy Bueno Foods autumn roast frozen fresh green chile.  Or you can order sauce (really delicious green chile sauce) from www.elpinto.com.  Or you can buy canned, in a last ditch effort to stock your cabinets.  I once lived in North Carolina, so I’m feeling your pain.   In weeks to come I’ll be searching for other sources for fresh green chile – hang in there. . .

On to the recipes.  Which aren’t even really recipes.  They’re just recollections of my personal combinations of other food items with green chile that make for extremely simple, delicious and easy green chile dishes – a great way to get your fix on this winter Sunday morning.

Need a really quick dip idea?  Dump your roasted and peeled (or thawed from Bueno Foods) fresh green chile in a food processor with a teaspoon (or so, depending on taste) of garlic salt, pulse, and puree.  That’s it.  Get out the Leal’s chips and enjoy (www.lealsmexicanfood.com).  That’s what I had for breakfast about ten minutes ago.  My green chile puree would have been yummy on fried eggs or in a bowl of beans, but this morning I went for the easiest route.  Chips and green chile. 

The other green chile dish I plan to make today is corn with cream cheese and green chile.  It’s a staple in my neck of the woods – perfect funeral food (which is a whole ‘nother blog post) and perfect potluck food.  Take one can of corn (not cream style) and one can of shoepeg corn, drain and dump into a saucepan or crock pot.  Add one wedge of cream cheese, two tablespoons of sugar and 1/4 cup milk.  Add whatever amount of fresh chopped green chile you prefer (I usually put in at least 1/2 cup), and if you don’t have fresh, use canned (bless your heart. . .).  Cook over medium heat until blended and warm.  If you’re taking this to a potluck or a funeral dinner, you can cook this in a crock pot at low for three to four hours.

I know folks around here are saying, “really . . .she put that corn recipe on her blog?”  Everyone here knows and uses it quite frequently.  But I’m assuming some of you don’t live in Quay County, and some of you need something easy and different to put on the table tonight.

Enjoy.  Let me know how your’s turns out.  And I’ll be thinking about next Sunday’s way to get your green chile fix.

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  2. karen watts says:

    I can remember those potlucks and funeral dinners at the church in Logan..First Baptist Church to be exact. I guess it’s not proper etiquette to start thinking about food when someone dies, but, you had to plan what you were taking to the dinner for the family. And my favorite was this corn “thingy”. I never made it because I knew at least two or three other ladies would make it and I could just enjoy. Thanks Bunny for giving me the recipe. I think we will have that today with a pot of beans, green chile cornbread and fried potatoes. John even froze some green tomatoes last fall, so I think fried green tomatoes are in order. Hmmm…and a homemade cherry pie!

    • admin says:

      Wow Karen! I think I’m coming to your house for dinner! Do you just add green chile to you cornbread recipe or is there an additional secret ingredient?

  3. kitty brown says:

    Plan that reciepe for my funeral, will ya, BunnY?
    Make it really HOT so people sniffle and tear up.
    Miss Kitty

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