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Posted by admin on July - 21 - 2011 | 10 Comments

I spent the morning showing property to someone who mirrored my thoughts.  We were talking about how many people didn’t know Ute Lake existed and she said, “There are so many hidden gems in New Mexico. . .”  That’s probably the main reason I write this blog – I want folks out there to know what we’re made of , that New Mexico isn’t just what you see from the interstate or from episodes of “Breaking Bad” (although I do love Breaking Bad). 

But there’s only one of me, and I know there are dozens (hundreds) of you out there who know of dozens (okay, hundreds) of hidden gems in New Mexico that would fit in perfectly with the theme of this blog. 

Please, please, please feel free to e-mail me at ilovenewmexico1@gmail.com and pitch an idea for a guest blog to me.  What’s your favorite New Mexico dish, restaurant, vacation spot, historical site, or image?  Do you have great family vacation stories from New Mexico?  Do you know an iconic New Mexico figure that you can interview (or write about if they’re no longer alive)?

Can’t wait to hear from you.  I know you’re dying to tell your own New Mexico story. . .

And by the way, these images?  They’re all from my relatively unknown neck of the woods – Quay County, New Mexico.

10 Responses so far.

  1. I wanna, I wanna. I just gotta think a bit, there is so much about New Mexico that I would LOVE to write about.

  2. Laura Verploegh says:

    I’m in girl. This is the best fuckin’ place on Planet Earth. I’d love to talk about it. Standing on the steaming sand watching a storm coming from a hundred miles away, thunderheads building up to the edge of space, so massive you can’t believe they’re real. Then, the smell of ozone and that first hard, sharp drop of rain that hits your face. Finally, the sky opens up and rains down on you, washing you clean while you stand in the desert, head up, arms open wide, drenching yourself in the rain–precious to you as it is to the creatures around you.

  3. Laura Verploegh says:

    Oops. shouldn’t a said fuckin’. Sorry 😉

    • admin says:

      Ha! You can say anything in one of my comments that you want, Laura Baby! Looks like you and Sabrina are on the same page – get me something with an image or two (ilovenewmexico1@gmail.com) and you’ll be posted for posterity. smooch!!!

  4. The photos were awesome…..really beautiful. Wish I were there.

  5. Mark C. says:

    Being a member of the public-at-large (I hope?!), I’d like to accept the invitation. Just need to secure a digital camera so I can include some really nice smokin’ pictures (no that’s not a clue). Looking forward to more “prose” from Laura V.!!! In this venture, passion is what it’s all about.

  6. Margie Thomas says:

    Having had to spend the last 12 years answering The Questions from people are college educated (you know which Questions I’m talking about), I have actually written down a littany of responses that would make a great blog idea. Unfortunately, the way I respond to people comes off as seriously snarky. “No, no. Not MEXICO. New Mexico. It’s the one between Texas and Arizona.” “No, I don’t need a green card or visa to work in the US. I’m a citizen.” “The exchange rate? Uh, one to one. Just like Michigan.” “Why would you assume I speak Spanish. Do you speak Spanish?” “No, you don’t need a passport. You can just drive right on in. Just like Michigan.” But in all seriousness, there is nothing that beats a New Mexico sunrise or sunset. Or the smell of rain. Or watching a storm pass over the desert. Seeing the lights of Albuquerque from the Crest. Enjoying a soak in the springs of the Jemez. Smelling fresh green (or red) chili roasting. Or touching history at Chaco Canyon. My home will always be in New Mexico. Even if people don’t know that it’s been part of the union for nearly a century.

  7. Bridget says:

    I am excited to be a guest blogger on your site, which is as good as green chile!

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