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Lilly by Cheryl McChesney

These days I find all sorts of dubious, sometimes unwelcome mail in my post office box – a higher water bill due to our fledgling garden, a letter from the Albuquerque Academy asking for a donation to their endowment (wish I could, guys, but really?  not this year. . ), a letter from the IRS (I’m pretty sure I got those 2009 taxes right, but they’re not agreeing with me). 

Inside Out by Cheryl McChesney (one of the prints I bought for Zachary)

Yesterday I twirled the combination on my little box in the Logan Post Office and found a  postcard with the above painting of Lilly on the front.  Good mail.  Happy-to-receive-it mail.  Who wouldn’t want that face in their mailbox?

Mardi Gras Rooster by Cheryl McChesney

The artist is Cheryl McChesney from Santa Fe.  We met at the Girls, Inc. show last summer – three days on the plaza where I sold jewelry and she sold her paintings and prints in a booth across the sidewalk from us.  We were slammed, Sabrina and I, selling jewelry hard and fast, but when there was a break, I’d wander to Cheryl’s tent and admire her paintings of livestock and chickens. 

Kiss for Mama by Cheryl McChesney (I really want this one!)

We got acquainted – she told me the story of how she grew up on a farm in the Midwest near the Mississippi and I told her the story of how I grew up on a farm in eastern New Mexico.  She showed me her Kindle (“It’s a great way to read during these shows without anyone really knowing you’re doing so. . “) and I showed her our jewelry, and by the end of the show she had a bag full of Pick Up Sticks charms and I had two prints of Longhorn calves to give to Zachary for Christmas.

Corgi by Cheryl McChesney (wonder if she'd do one of Sabrina's poodles?)

The postcard advertises two shows – the Eldorado Studio Tour 2011 on May 14 and 15 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  She’s at Studio #34 at 14 Tarro Road.  The second show is in the Gallery at Wells Fargo Bank, Santa Fe (241 Washington Avenue) – Cheryl has a solo exhibition from June 2 to June 31.

Encounter by Cheryl McChesney

I love her paintings – they’re farm animals, up close and personal and friendly in the way I remember farm animals, and she uses playful colors.  I’m wishing I could do the Eldorado Tour, but mostly I’m wishing I could have a couple of prints for my home office.  We’ll see. . .

Rodeo Struggle by Cheryl McChesney

Check her out at http://cherylmcchesney.com/.  Or go to one of her shows and tell her I sent you.  You’re really going to like her.  And her work.  I personally like unpretentious art that reminds me of real life.  That’s what this is. 

Photo of the artist

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