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December - 22 - 2013

First Day of Winter.  Cold Weather.  Cold and Flu Season.  All great reasons to repost this one about the Pink Adobe with the recipe for Gypsy Stew.  With all the chicken, garlic and onions in this recipe (not to mention the four cups of green chile), this one is sure to cure all your wintertime blues! Originally from 12/22/09 MY FAVORITE THINGS:  Christmas almost here.  Snow in the forecast for tomorrow.  All my kids home for the holidays.  And now, just because I know it’s their favorite meal and will last us well into the New Year, there’s gypsy stew  [ Read More ]

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Plaza Cafe, Santa Fe, chile relleno omelette
October - 10 - 2012

I just wrote a fun blog post for Two Casitas at www.twocasitas.com/santafeblog about what one must absolutely NOT miss when visiting the Plaza. Looks like we’re going to do a series. And you know me.  I had to start with food. If you’ve never had a Chile Relleno Omelette, or the best posole in Santa Fe, or Green Chile Meatloaf, read on. Here’s a portion of my post for Wendy at Two Casitas. And yes, I’ve written before about the Plaza Café. Love it. I get to write over and over about the things I love in New Mexico, don’t  [ Read More ]

April - 24 - 2012

You all know I’m a lake girl, right?  Grew up on a boat or behind a boat or wishing I was on a boat, at Ute Lake. I’ve always been pretty certain Ute Lake is perfect – lower at times than I’d like it to be, but still consistently beautiful and definitely home to me.  The only thing we’ve really been missing has been a concession of some sort.  A place where you could park the boat, grab a burger and a Dr. Pepper, or a cold beer if that’s your style. . . Well, now we have it.  12 Shores at  [ Read More ]

January - 30 - 2012

Today as I was standing in church, singing “The Old Rugged Cross”, allowing a tear to slip down my left cheek although I wasn’t quite sure why I was crying, I thought “I have never written anything about my church.”  I was crying for any number of reasons – singing that tune made me think of my Grandma Ayres and my Granny Terry, and I wished that I was eight years old and that we were on our way after services to one of their houses in Tucumcari for Sunday dinner, and it also made my heart ache.  I have been  [ Read More ]

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July - 16 - 2011

We’re waiting on the rain here in northeastern New Mexico.  Quay County has had some sporadic, crazy storms recently – the Collins Ranch 16 miles east of here got six inches of rain a couple of nights ago, while my house got a tenth of an inch.  We’re mostly dry, dry, and dry again. . .which means that Ute Lake is daily losing water to evaporation.  We want another six inch rain, but somewhere up the Ute Creek so that the lake will start filling up again. Waiting on the rain and talking about going on the lake got us  [ Read More ]

March - 31 - 2011

I’ve always dreamed of being a runner.  Those of you who know me may  snicker under your breath – my grade school and high school friends know me as Not-One-Of-The-Athletic-Girls.  I was always the one who received a basketball uniform and then spent the entire season praying I wouldn’t be put into a game.  I ran track ONLY for those Saturdays spent lying on the infield at the Texico track meets, boy-watching with Shelley and Glena and Robin (who WERE athletes, dammit!).   My after-high-school friends were actually  tricked into thinking of me as athletic – I was passably okay on a  [ Read More ]

January - 22 - 2011

This being a new year and all, I decided to take a look at my past posts and see what you were all reading the most.  Turns out, surprisingly, that my post last January 17, 2010, on New Mexico Breakfasts and Green Chile Sauce has gotten the most views since the beginning of this little endeavor.  I’m not much of a believer in re-posting, but I thought you might enjoy a second look.  Or a first look, just in case you missed it.  I just read it again, and it made me hungry!! New Mexico Breakfasts and Green Chile Sauce It’s  [ Read More ]

December - 17 - 2010

Last December 17, I sat on my bed in my white chenille bathrobe, pillows piled behind and around me, and wrote my first post on this blog.  All I knew about blogging at the time was that the experts suggested you should write about what you knew and what you liked and what you cared about. Well, there aren’t a lot of issues on which I’m an expert.  There is one thing I’ve done right – I stumbled upon this great formula, without knowing exactly what I was doing, for raising my kids.  They’ve both turned out to be happy and vibrant  [ Read More ]

November - 17 - 2010

Selling jewelry in Albuquerque makes me happy for a number of reasons.  I get to see my daughter and my best pal Sabrina – I get to eat somewhere fabulous like Sadie’s – I get to pick up a load of groceries at Whole Foods (we don’t generally do organic in Quay County unless it comes out of our backyard) – I get to run by Target and Sam’s and a dozen other errand locations that don’t exist in my neck of the woods.  Mostly I get to sell beautiful jewelry to folks that want it, and hopefully I get  [ Read More ]

June - 3 - 2010

As you know, my best pal Sabrina and I just finished a weekend of selling jewelry at the Albuquerque Wine Festival.  In two weeks we’ll be off to an even better venue, the Santa Fe Thirsty Ear Festival.  The festival is scheduled for June 12 and 13 at the Eaves Movie Ranch (www.eavesmovieranch.com), where over 250 film productions have been created, from “The Cheyenne Social Club” and “Chisum” to “Silverado” (my personal fave) and “Young Guns II” and “Wyatt Earp”.  It’s an old western town movie set, complete with a church, saloons, hotels, storefronts and homes.  It’s like stepping into 1870, except that we’ll  [ Read More ]

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