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May - 10 - 2015

This was originally posted in February 2011, and has remained on the of the most popular on this blog.  Many thanks to my friend, Libbye Morris, who wrote about her childhood summers working as a guide at the Billy the Kid Museum in Ft. Sumner. The Billy the Kid Museum – An Oasis of Rich History in the Sparse Eastern Plains of New Mexico by Guest Author Libbye Morris   People who hail from all over the world know about the tiny Village of Fort Sumner, New Mexico (population 1,200) largely because of the Billy the Kid Museum, which gets  [ Read More ]

April - 12 - 2015

This was scheduled to post on April 12, 2015, as that’s the anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War. Here it is! In 1990, when I was pregnant with Johanna and living in Kansas, we were avid fans of PBS.  We didn’t have cable.  But what we did have was the anticipation of Ken Burns’ upcoming documentary on the Civil War.  Despite all our other differences, Johanna’s father and I were both history buffs (okay, fiends) who loved best the stories contained in American History. In the introduction to the Ken Burns Civil War documentary, David McCullough, the narrator says “The  [ Read More ]

Fiesta de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Rosario Chapel
August - 10 - 2014

Every year Santa Fe throws a huge party in September.  They elect royalty and celebrate masses and say novenas.  Processions of old Spanish families in period dress wind through the streets of downtown. There are arts and crafts booths on the Santa Fe Plaza.  There’s dancing in the street.  There’s a pet parade and a Hysterical Historical Parade parodying New Mexico’s colorful past.  And there’s the burning of a giant marionette effigy named Zozobra (aka “Old Man Gloom”) in Ft. Marcy Park the Friday night before Labor Day, just for the fun of it.  Folks, THIS is a party.  Only  [ Read More ]

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February - 15 - 2014

I’ll admit up front that this article could use at least an hour or two of phone calls and research to find our more about how the event I’m touting came to be, whether it’s going to be an annual event, what the Chamber of Commerce will do with the $$….but it has to be posted today. That’s because tonight the Roy, New Mexico Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Salute to Bob Wills steak dinner and dance. Which means that if you live within three or four hours of Roy and you forgot to do something special for your  [ Read More ]

January - 21 - 2014

Not so long ago, I had the interesting experience of posting a profile on Match.com. Before moving to Santa Fe, I used to live in an extremely small town (pop 1100) and the dating prospects were practically nonexistent. So, telling myself that it would probably be fodder for a novel more than anything else, I posted my photos and a profile on Match.com, stating that I was looking for a team roper who could quote Shakespeare while shaving. I can’t say that I had exceptionally good luck – I had several first dates, none of which really made me want  [ Read More ]

November - 11 - 2013

This is a repost, in honor of Veteran’s Day and in honor of one of the kindest, gentlest and yet bravest men I’ll ever know.  Kike Waltmon passed away on October 29, 2013, at the age of 96, leaving a huge hole in our lives.  When he and I were spending days together, the thing that impressed me most was that Kike didn’t see what he did as anything out of the ordinary. He didn’t think of himself as a hero, despite his four years as a Prisoner of War in World War II. He signed up for duty and  [ Read More ]

New Mexico State Fair, New Mexico Expo Rodeo
September - 19 - 2013

Yes, it’s a repost.  About one of my favorite events in New Mexico. Something magical happens in New Mexico the moment the Quay County Fair opens.  The hot, dry, blistery summer that has had us all gasping (especially this summer, but as I recall, in all summers past) through August waiting for some relief breaks and  it suddenly starts to feel like fall.  I know intellectually that this is a product of the calendar being closer to September than July, but all my life I’ve equated it with the Fair.  One morning during the County Fair, you wake up and  [ Read More ]

May - 23 - 2013

The New Mexico Tourism Department is looking for great New Mexico stories – your’s, mine, our’s.  Whatever great New Mexico story you have to tell.  They want to know all about what New Mexico means to you.  And if the tale is compelling and clever and very “New Mexico True,” you could win the grand prize of $5,000.  Check the contest out here.  I’m totally in.  From my first red bikini swim in Cimarron Canyon at 3 years old to my childhood camping trips at Tres Ritos to my high school water skiing days on Ute Lake to my dinner  [ Read More ]

Plaza Cafe, Santa Fe, chile relleno omelette
October - 10 - 2012

I just wrote a fun blog post for Two Casitas at www.twocasitas.com/santafeblog about what one must absolutely NOT miss when visiting the Plaza. Looks like we’re going to do a series. And you know me.  I had to start with food. If you’ve never had a Chile Relleno Omelette, or the best posole in Santa Fe, or Green Chile Meatloaf, read on. Here’s a portion of my post for Wendy at Two Casitas. And yes, I’ve written before about the Plaza Café. Love it. I get to write over and over about the things I love in New Mexico, don’t  [ Read More ]

September - 24 - 2012

I was leaving the Range Cafe a couple of nights ago after eating dinner with Johanna, after an afternoon of searching for a bridesmaid dress for her brother Zachary’s wedding. As I wandered out the front door, I grabbed a copy of the Alibi, which just happens to be my favorite publication in New Mexico. Little did I know that I had in my hand the 20th Anniversary Issue of the paper that I’ve always wondered if I’m hip enough to read. I didn’t have time to pick this particular issue up until today at lunch when I took a  [ Read More ]

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