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May - 29 - 2015

The Santa Fean recently named David Geist as one of the “25 locals we love.”  When David Perozzi of ABC News contacted me about writing a guest post about David Geist, I was absolutely on board. Enjoy! And then get out there and buy this new CD. Guest Post by David Perozzi, ABC News, Senior Producer   This past April 8th, musician David Geist released his second CD called Inside the Flame. The music is a soulful and artful combo platter that sounds more George Winston then Geist’s Broadway roots. Small wonder, in 2005, this Broadway musician made his way  [ Read More ]

Santa Fe, Waxlander, Canyon Road
July - 18 - 2014

A couple of months ago, I had the privilege of spending time with Phyllis Waxlander Kapp in her amazing Canyon Road Gallery. She was such a delight and so inspiring that I had to write this piece about her. When you’re on Canyon Road, stop in and say hello. Tell her I sent you. At 83, she’s likely to out-walk and out-talk you, and she’s a testament to doing the thing you love in this life. The Waxlander Gallery, sitting at 622 Canyon Road, is home to an eclectic mix of mediums that all have a definite feel to them.   [ Read More ]

June - 4 - 2014

I am an early morning walker/runner (mostly walker), and now that it’s nice enough outside to skip the Ft. Marcy treadmills, I find myself on Canyon Road almost every day. It’s exactly 1.2 miles from the Nambe store parking lot on Paseo de Peralta to Cristo Rey Church, so I generally walk uphill to the church and then run back to my car. Except for when I’m forced to stop and take photos. Which is very frequently. I see something new every day. There’s nothing like Canyon Road in all of the world. It’s beautiful in any season, but right now, with  [ Read More ]

May - 1 - 2014

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. You may not have noticed, but I did. I took a couple of months off from this blog that I so love, and after thinking it over, I’ve realized that I allowed other people to get in my head and dampen some of my creative enthusiasm. And screw up a bit of my work ethic. Not very professional of me, but I’m always learning. Also not their fault. Everyone gets the privilege of expressing their opinion, and sometimes, even when people think they’re being helpful (“you should write about this,” “how about  [ Read More ]

February - 11 - 2014

Another blogger recently challenged her readers who are also bloggers to write 365 posts to see if they could change the world for their audiences in one year.  Now, folks, I have to tell you that I think that’s a very lofty ambition, both the writing and the changing the world part.  But why not spend a few minutes here every single day giving you a dose of what I love best about New Mexico? If you have company in for the weekend, I have an idea for a great day trip. Suggest a Saturday drive that leaves Santa Fe,  [ Read More ]

March - 7 - 2013

I’m reposting this to give you yet another look at one of my New Mexico Favorites.  The 3 Bears Lodge really launched my blogging career by providing me with the perfect subject to convey my love of New Mexico.  And then recently they donated a stay in the lodge to a benefit held in my honor.  I can’t let that kindness go unnoticed.  The bottom line is:  if you’re looking for a fun, clean place to stay in Red River where the hosts will treat you like family, this is it.  Here’s the prior post in its entirety: I’m a  [ Read More ]

January - 22 - 2013

  The rules of blogging are very clear.  Never, ever, ever apologize for not posting.  But I have to say to those of you who are faithful followers of I Love New Mexico – Sorry.  I’ve had some niggling health issues, and I’m working very hard on them, but that doesn’t keep me from being a devoted follower of everything New Mexican.  I’m back, mostly, and I plan to get on track with posting about the things we love best here in the Land of Enchantment. I decided to create a new feature for 2013 – my list of New  [ Read More ]

August - 10 - 2012

It’s summertime in New Mexico, which means that every afternoon a cloud (or ten or twenty) starts gathering steam in the southwestern sky and threatens to (we hope, hope, hope) dump rain before nightfall.  For those of you living elsewhere, let me tell you about New Mexico summer clouds – they’re not for the faint of heart, they’re not small and delicate and wispy, but they are amazingly beautiful, especially when the evening light catches them around the edges. Yesterday I drove home from Lubbock and arrived at the caprock south of San Jon at about 7:20, the perfect time  [ Read More ]

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July - 22 - 2012

I’m not much of a shopper, unless wandering through thrift stores or rifling through racks at consignment shops counts as serious shopping.  I personally think I own far too much “stuff” already, and that I have everything I need. You know, reduce, reuse, recycle – that sort of thing. But I do have a weakness for unique jewelry, and I’ve located a new store in the Santa Fe Railyard that feeds that addiction quite nicely.  The fact that the jewelry there is amazingly affordable is a plus.  The bigger bonus is that the owners are folks that I’ve met before  [ Read More ]

March - 18 - 2012

I’m a Beatles fan.  Grew up listening to them on 45’s on my sister’s record player in the 60’s.  I know the words to every Beatles song, and my kids know that “In My Life” is one of my funeral songs, along with “Blackbird.”  Johanna has the entire Beatles collection on her I-Touch.  We have always loved the Beatles at my house. Last September I spent several days with my pals Sabrina and Bruce while they sold Pick Up Sticks Jewelry at Fiesta de Santa Fe.  They shared a booth wall near the plaza with a potter who had interesting  [ Read More ]

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