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August - 25 - 2016

This is a repost (from Feb 10, 2010) of a great recipe I borrowed from Food Network Favorites and then modified. I took this to a potluck recently and everyone wanted the recipe.  I’m suggesting you try it sometime soon.  It’s an easy way to get you green chile fix AND impress your neighbors or co-workers. Although I’m doing my very best to follow Michael Pollan’s Food Rules (see previous post at http://bit.ly/fYbPsT), there are days, especially when you’ve been up to your arse in alligators and you come home and take something out of the freezer (gypsy stew from the  [ Read More ]

August - 23 - 2016

One of my posts in this blog was all about cooking calabacitas for the California nieces, and it dawned on me that the easiest way for everyone, especially someone new to this cuisine, to prepare traditional New Mexican dishes is to own one of my favorite cookbooks – Simply Simpatico, from the Junior League of Albuquerque (find at http://www.jlabq.org/ – $19.95). My copy was given to me by my pal Patty Williams, back in 1988, and the pages are, quite appropriately, smeared with evidence of red chile sauce, avocado, batter from chile rellenos.  I’ve USED this cookbook. Especially during the years that I was  [ Read More ]

December - 11 - 2013

It’s a snowy day in northern New Mexico.  If you’re looking for something delicious, simple and easy to make for dinner, I found it.  And then I made it last night.  I guess it was my unintentional meatless Monday meal. I ventured out of the house yesterday after hours of watching it snow, and I eventually ended up my mother’s very warm inviting kitchen, drinking coffee.  There was a new dish on her stove, a pie pan of something looking suspiciously green chile-ish.  “What’s that, and may I have it for lunch?” I asked.  “Eat it all,” she said, “your  [ Read More ]

October - 22 - 2013

This is a repost. But I figured it was worth reposting just because it consistently shows up as the most popular post on this blog.  I guess you’re all looking for a good green chile stew recipe. Am I right? So, here you go: Yes, I missed my chance to write about getting your green chile fix on Sunday, and that would be because I was in Santa Fe celebrating my birthday with 6 cousins, my daughter, my sister and my niece. Big fun, great city, amazing food (ate at Tomasita’s and Del Charro. . .posts soon on those meals),  [ Read More ]

October - 18 - 2013

My best pal Sabrina’s Dad has been one of my most avid fans from the beginning.  He’s a New Mexican through and through.  He reads each of my blog posts and then calls me with ideas for future stories. I’ve known him my entire life, and today he’s in the hospital in Albuquerque, fighting a medical battle that may not have a happy ending.  It makes me incredibly sad to think of him not being around to read my blog posts about New Mexico, and so today, this one is just for you Lloyd. It’s all about tortillas.  Lloyd and  [ Read More ]

September - 21 - 2013

There’s a lot to love about living in Santa Fe.  Great food.  Perfect weather about 90% of the time.  Culture.  Art. The lava lamps at the Cowgirl (for the uninitiated, that’s  Pabst Blue Ribbon with swirled frozen margarita). Hiking (which I plan to take up any day now).  Snow skiing. And then there’s the Wine and Chile Festival.  Just the name conjures up some great images, doesn’t it?  Make your mouth water? Starting next Wednesday, September 25, and running through Sunday, September 29, the Wine and Chile Festival is just what you’d expect – a festival celebrating two of my  [ Read More ]

November - 16 - 2012

Sometimes you begin a thing without knowing the why or wherefore.  Your heart tells you to go in a certain direction, and you do it, not thinking about profit or recognition, but simply knowing that you have to follow your heart.  That’s how this blog is for me.  Several years ago, on a December night right after Christmas, I read an article about blogging for profit, and it talked about how the only way to blog was to write about something you love.  I wasn’t expecting a profit, but I knew what I wanted to write about immediately.  Thus “I  [ Read More ]

June - 11 - 2012

This is a repost from 2010, but there’s never a bad time to make calabacitas. . .Are your zuchinis ready? We’ve had two great events this past week – my nieces Calandra and Mendy have been here from Sacramento, and I harvested my first zucchinis from my garden.  Not that I compare zucchinis to seeing the girls and their adorable little boys, but when you have to put together the nieces’ final dinner in New Mexico and you have zucchinis, there’s no choice but to make calabacitas.  It’s that time of year when summer squash will begin appearing in all sorts of potluck dishes.  My cousin  [ Read More ]

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February - 27 - 2012

As you may know, I now have a sweet little gig writing blog posts for Two Casitas Santa Fe Vacation Rentals.  I have all of you folks to thank – you’ve shown such interest in this blog that you convinced Wendy Kapp of Two Casitas to hire me.  It’s quite a treat to get to write about a place and properties that I love.  One of the tasks on my list for Wendy is to find different ways to enjoy a weekend in Santa Fe (dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it) – from the “Opera Season and Canyon Road” weekend to the “Santa Fe  [ Read More ]

September - 22 - 2011

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year in New Mexico.  Cooler nights, green chile roasting, corn mazes, high school football.  And more green chile roasting.  There are green chile purists out there who will argue that Hatch green chile is the only way to go, that the best chile in the world is grown in the southern Rio Grande Corridor of New Mexico.  I’m a fan, don’t get me wrong, but I have to say that, consistently, the best green chile I’ve ever put in my freezer came from Corrales.  And that green chile always came from Wagner Farms. It’s  [ Read More ]

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