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March - 22 - 2012

Guest Blog by Lynn from New Mexico Enchantment  There’s something to be said for comfort food. We all have fond memories of certain foods. These foods may symbolize special events or people in our lives or are associated with feeling loved and cared for.  When I left my home state of New Mexico, and moved 1500 miles away to Washington state, I didn’t realize how much I would come to rely on comfort food. It didn’t even occur to me how much I would need a taste of home now and then. It didn’t take long for me to feel  [ Read More ]

March - 21 - 2012

Repost from January 2010, but still so timely.  Need a good book?  Here’s my best recommendation today: My favorite books are on the top shelf of the blue bookshelf in my bedroom.   There’s a copy of Salinger’s Nine Stories, and Anaya’s Bless Me Ultima (which deserves its own post someday).   I have Ellen Gilchrist and Anne Lamott and a copy of Pam Houston’s Cowboys are My Weakness and Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love and of course, Annie Proulx’s Shipping News and The Legacy of Conquest by Patty Limerick.   All good books.   Not necessarily Ulysses or Crime and Punishment or Tolstoy or Atlas  [ Read More ]

March - 18 - 2012

I’m a Beatles fan.  Grew up listening to them on 45’s on my sister’s record player in the 60’s.  I know the words to every Beatles song, and my kids know that “In My Life” is one of my funeral songs, along with “Blackbird.”  Johanna has the entire Beatles collection on her I-Touch.  We have always loved the Beatles at my house. Last September I spent several days with my pals Sabrina and Bruce while they sold Pick Up Sticks Jewelry at Fiesta de Santa Fe.  They shared a booth wall near the plaza with a potter who had interesting  [ Read More ]

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March - 11 - 2012

  I just read what I posted last Sunday, and I damn near made myself cry.  Okay, I did make myself cry.  Last week I wrote a blog post on how both our high school basketball teams were on their way to state tournament, and the last line was “Hopefully next week at this time I’ll be posting on how we won the championship games at the Pit” Well, guess what.  I’m here, after five days in Albuquerque and several heart-stopping quarters of basketball, after two meals at the Frontier and one evening at the dollar movies, after countless hugs from old friends  [ Read More ]

March - 4 - 2012

As of about 7:30 p.m. last night, it became official.  Both Logan Longhorns varsity basketball teams – boys and girls – are headed to Albuquerque next week for the State Basketball Tournament.  The girls won against Coronado Friday night and the boys beat Des Moines last night, and at the end of both games the Logan crowd flooded the court, lifting players in the air, crying, cheering.  I don’t know if this has happened before – both Logan High teams headed to State at the same time, but I do know that basketball fever has now reached its highest pitch in  [ Read More ]

March - 2 - 2012

There are very few folks out there who would say they DON’T support our veterans.  There are also very few folks out there (yeah, I know you exist, but honestly. . .) that don’t love dogs.  When you combine our enormous debt to veterans with our ongoing love of dogs, you get a really good reason to consider donating your time or money to Paws and Stripes.  I just got off the phone with the very passionate and enthusiastic Jim Stanek.  Jim and his wife Lindsey are the founders of Paws and Stripes, a New Mexico organization that trains service  [ Read More ]

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