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Posted by admin on April - 24 - 2012 | 12 Comments

The Clubhouse at 12 Shores

You all know I’m a lake girl, right?  Grew up on a boat or behind a boat or wishing I was on a boat, at Ute Lake. I’ve always been pretty certain Ute Lake is perfect – lower at times than I’d like it to be, but still consistently beautiful and definitely home to me. 

Patio at the 12 Shores Clubhouse

The only thing we’ve really been missing has been a concession of some sort.  A place where you could park the boat, grab a burger and a Dr. Pepper, or a cold beer if that’s your style. . .

Bruce and Lloyd at the community dock at 12 Shores

Well, now we have it.  12 Shores at Ute Lake, the resort community located on the south side of the lake where the new Nicklaus golf course is located, offers all that.  

David behind the bar at the 12 Shores Clubhouse

Right now, if you’re on the water reading this (I know who you are), you can call David Frank at 12 Shores at 575-403-7177, tell him you’re on the water and want to come by, and he’ll send someone down in a golf cart to pick you up at the new community dock.  

Mitch waiting on us in the 12 Shores golf cart

You can pull your boat up to their dock, tie up, and have a nice break in the 12 Shores clubhouse.  If you’re in the mood to play golf, you can pack your clubs in your boat and bring them along.  Or rent from David.

12 Shores golf course, much of which runs along the shoreline of Ute Lake

By the way, April is free golf month – no green fees.  So if you really are in the mood for golf, call David in a hurry. . .only a few days left on that great deal.

Lloyd, me, Sabrina and Bruce in the 12 Shores clubhouse

I was on the water this past Saturday with Sabrina, Bruce and Lloyd.  We decided we were thirsty and gave David a call.  “I’ll have someone meet you at the dock,” he said, and sure enough, Mitchell, a young guy from nearby Logan High, was sitting in a golf cart waiting on us when we arrived.  We loaded up and headed up the hill to the clubhouse.

Here's the 12 Shores sign that identifies the mouth of the cove leading to their dock

David and his wife, Christin, greeted us in the midst of showing other folks the property, getting people on and off the course, and congratulating little Truitt (his Dad, Josh Salee, is the 12 Shores Golf Superintendent) on his fishing success off the dock. 

Truitt, who spent Saturday fishing with his Dad, the greens boss at 12 Shores

The clubhouse is gorgeous, but better than that, it’s friendly and filled with activity and will be a huge success now that the principles, Brookfield and JC Resorts, have decided on a direction for the project.

It was a beautiful day to be on Ute Lake

We had a cocktail, visited with David, toured the clubhouse, visited with Christin, played the free jukebox, watched a little golf on the flat screen. . .it was a nice respite from the heat outside. 

12 Shores model home on display

You can currently get a burger or a hot dog, and starting on Memorial Day, they’re launching the Annex at 12 Shores (with an abbreviated Annex menu).  You’ll be able to call your order in and either go up to the clubhouse or have your lunch delivered right to your boat.

More golf course, with Ute Lake behind it

12 Shores is a beautiful place and a nice addition to the lake I grew up on . 

Don’t have a place here?  You can rent a home for a weekend or longer, and the golf is thrown in for free. 

Don’t know the first thing about golf, or want to improve your game?  Call David (575-403-7177) – he’ll set you up.  $25 for a half hour lessons seems pretty reasonable to me, especially if it keeps you from putting a ball through one of the new homes out there. 

Although I gotta tell ya – his phone rings nonstop.  This guy is getting busy.

Yep, I’m a lake girl.  And these days, I’m a happier lake girl knowing that I can grab a snack and enjoy good company at 12 Shores.  I might even take a golf lesson. . .

12 Responses so far.

  1. Elle says:

    Would you please direct me where we can rent boats for either Ute Lake or Conchas Lake? Thank you!

    • admin says:

      There are no boat rentals at Ute – the liability insurance has proven far to expensive for the folks that tried it before. I can’t tell you about Conchas – you might call their state park office and see if they can refer you to anyone.

  2. Sue Dowell says:

    What are the hours for the Annex at 12 Shores? I’m a bit excited about that!

    • admin says:

      Sue – it’s Friday dinner and then Saturday and Sunday lunch and dinner. TJ and Rob went back twice this weekend and said the food is amazing! You can call them at 403-7177

  3. Edie says:

    Who do you contact about a weekend rental of a house?

  4. Art Kaplan says:

    We used to own a lake house for 8 years in South Shores but the kids are grown now so sold it but still want to come to lake for 5 or 6 weeks a summer. Have not been able to find something nice in Logan. Do you have houses available for a week at a time and is their a web site to go to to look at them. How long does it take to get to logan from you and where do you put your boat in?

    • admin says:

      Art – I am a realtor at Ute Lake Premier Properties, so it doesn’t take more than five minutes to get to the lake from where I am. I don’t know of any place where you can rent a house for five or six weeks, but you can call David at 12 Shores at 575-403-7177. They have some weekend rentals that are extremely nice.

      Better yet, buy a great place here and then do weekend rentals for when you’re not here. We’ve recently sold a 2 bedroom 2 bath home to a guy who is making a killing and paying for his purchase with weekend rentals.

  5. Tammy Aguilar says:

    Weekend rental. Hi I’m looking to get pricing on your rentals for this weekend. 6/14 to 6/15 how much do your rentals run a night? Any close to the water? Do you have a website or pictures? Thank you!


    • admin says:

      Tammy – you need to contact 12 Shores directly. Call David at 575-403-7177. Let them know you saw this blog. Thanks!

  6. toinieaton says:

    we are coming up this weekend to check out the course for a wedding on aug 8th 2015. just curious on if thre would be places to rent or several families an whom to contact…

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