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June - 26 - 2016

It’s that time of year again when most of you are packing your swimsuits to head to the lake. Or packing the camper to head to the mountains for some fishing. We’re all for that sort of thing, so we’ll be packing the pickup to head up to Heron Lake for a few nights over the 4th of July weekend. BUT, we will definitely be back before Monday morning so that we can partake of the Pancakes on the Plaza. As the website says, when locals think about July 4th, they think “Pancakes on the Plaza.” Sponsored by the Rotary  [ Read More ]

cranberry salsa
November - 23 - 2015

It’s that time again!  I first posted this in November 2010, and have posted it each Thanksgiving since.  It’s too delicious NOT to have on your table. This is the easiest cranberry salsa recipe in existence.  If you’re a total purist, make your own cranberry sauce from the directions on a bag of fresh cranberries.  If you’re in a hurry and have 22 other dishes to make (that’s me), use canned cranberry sauce. And this isn’t just a Thanksgiving recipe – make it and take to a potluck and you’ll be deemed brilliant.  All the other guests will want your  [ Read More ]

1-22148296176_5b0dbe8193_o (1)
October - 27 - 2015

For those of you who follow this website with some regularity, or if you’re read my About Me page, you already know that my Big Why is raising money for Fight Colorectal Cancer. And why is this my Big Why? Because I am a Stage IV colon cancer (with mets to my liver) survivor. Three years ago, I spent a night in the ER, thinking that I needed an appendectomy. I had NOT had a single day of symptoms until the day that I drove myself to the ER from Urgent Care. I thought I was the healthiest person in  [ Read More ]

June - 9 - 2015

I am perhaps the most fortunate person alive, I thought to myself this morning as I took an early morning walk through downtown Santa Fe. I get to live in a place I love, and I get to do this. I get to leave my house at 7:30 and walk four blocks up San Francisco Street toward the Plaza. There are a few dog walkers that I recognize, and we say hello, and sometimes I get to stop and pet their pooches and we exchange a few words about the amazing weather and is it going to rain and isn’t  [ Read More ]

May - 29 - 2015

The Santa Fean recently named David Geist as one of the “25 locals we love.”  When David Perozzi of ABC News contacted me about writing a guest post about David Geist, I was absolutely on board. Enjoy! And then get out there and buy this new CD. Guest Post by David Perozzi, ABC News, Senior Producer   This past April 8th, musician David Geist released his second CD called Inside the Flame. The music is a soulful and artful combo platter that sounds more George Winston then Geist’s Broadway roots. Small wonder, in 2005, this Broadway musician made his way  [ Read More ]

May - 28 - 2015

Today is moving day at my house, so I don’t have a lot of words. But I do have some amazing photos of New Mexico skies – we’ve had unseasonably wet weather recently and with the rain comes some breathtaking clouds with the evening light playing off their surfaces. Happy Thursday to you. I’ll be boxing up everything I own and putting it in the back of the pickup to move a few blocks closer to downtown Santa Fe. I hope you’ll be doing something equally fun.

May - 25 - 2015

According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs website, Memorial Day was first established as “Decoration Day,” three years after the end of the Civil War. An organization consisting of the heads of the Union Army declared May 30 a date dedicated to decorating the graves of the war dead. There’s speculation that it was chosen because there would be plenty of flowers available at that time of year. After World War I, the holiday was expanded to include those who have died in all American wars, not just the Civil War. Like the rest of the country, New Mexico  [ Read More ]

The Billy the Kid Museum in the 60's
May - 10 - 2015

This was originally posted in February 2011, and has remained on the of the most popular on this blog.  Many thanks to my friend, Libbye Morris, who wrote about her childhood summers working as a guide at the Billy the Kid Museum in Ft. Sumner. The Billy the Kid Museum – An Oasis of Rich History in the Sparse Eastern Plains of New Mexico by Guest Author Libbye Morris   People who hail from all over the world know about the tiny Village of Fort Sumner, New Mexico (population 1,200) largely because of the Billy the Kid Museum, which gets  [ Read More ]

peach tree good
April - 25 - 2015

I just read a great essay by Geneen Roth.  She’s written a number of books about women and body image and eating, but this essay in “When you Eat At the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair” is by far my favorite. I read it every once in a while to remind myself of how I feel about life in general. Her advice is to celebrate every little thing.  Get yourself out of your head (thinking about yesterday, or tomorrow, or what you ate last night that had too many calories, or what you should have said to that guy who took  [ Read More ]

civis war glorietta pass
April - 12 - 2015

This was scheduled to post on April 12, 2015, as that’s the anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War. Here it is! In 1990, when I was pregnant with Johanna and living in Kansas, we were avid fans of PBS.  We didn’t have cable.  But what we did have was the anticipation of Ken Burns’ upcoming documentary on the Civil War.  Despite all our other differences, Johanna’s father and I were both history buffs (okay, fiends) who loved best the stories contained in American History. In the introduction to the Ken Burns Civil War documentary, David McCullough, the narrator says “The  [ Read More ]

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