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Tucumcari west
February - 16 - 2014

There’s a stretch of road on I-40 about 12 miles west of Tucumcari where you pass a short little mesa on the right and then the road swings ever so slightly to the north before opening onto a broad plain heading straight west.  The view will make you think “vistas” and “wide open spaces.”  It’s rimmed on all sides by mesas, but the expanse between the highway and the mesas is miles and miles of New Mexico space.   The little village of Montoya sits at the west end of that particular valley. I’ve taken some bad trips and made some  [ Read More ]

Bob Wills Roy party
February - 15 - 2014

I’ll admit up front that this article could use at least an hour or two of phone calls and research to find our more about how the event I’m touting came to be, whether it’s going to be an annual event, what the Chamber of Commerce will do with the $$….but it has to be posted today. That’s because tonight the Roy, New Mexico Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Salute to Bob Wills steak dinner and dance. Which means that if you live within three or four hours of Roy and you forgot to do something special for your  [ Read More ]

February - 14 - 2014

I’m a fan of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules. If our grandparents wouldn’t recognize it, we shouldn’t eat it. That’s his advice. And baking my own corn chips from locally produced corn tortillas seems to get pretty close to that ideal. I’m all out of chips, as I have been for several weeks (okay, I refuse to buy a bag of tortilla chips because I’ll eat them all in one sitting – I’m a chips and salsa junky.  Any questions?) and now I’ve become addicted to my own home-baked corn chips.  And I thought you just might enjoy knowing how I  [ Read More ]

February - 13 - 2014

Yes, you read that headline correctly.  I’m going to write about funeral food. You know what I mean. Those potluck dishes you create for the family dinner at the Baptist Church or the Civic Center or the American Legion Bingo Hall that follows any memorial service. Where the requirements are that each creation, unless it’s fried chicken or roast beef or posole, must contain at least one of the following:  cream of mushroom soup, velveeta cheese, cool whip or Eagle Brand Milk (aka sweetened condensed milk). Except in New Mexico, where there’s an additional requirement.  Green chile. And there are  [ Read More ]

On the road from Logan to San Jon.  This is what home looks like to me.
February - 12 - 2014

Wordless.  Not a descriptor people usually attach to me. But I’ll try. Let me just say that I cleaned off my camera and found these. Enjoy.  

Pedernal from Abiquiu
February - 11 - 2014

Another blogger recently challenged her readers who are also bloggers to write 365 posts to see if they could change the world for their audiences in one year.  Now, folks, I have to tell you that I think that’s a very lofty ambition, both the writing and the changing the world part.  But why not spend a few minutes here every single day giving you a dose of what I love best about New Mexico? For anyone who is in a new relationship, I have a best-date-ever idea for you, especially if your girl/guy is a New Mexico nut.  Like  [ Read More ]

Carne adovada breakfast at The Pantry.  With grits
January - 27 - 2014

This post originally appeared at the Two Casitas blog I write for Wendy Kapp. One of the absolute best things about Santa Fe is the eating. I agree that it’s not the only thing worthwhile about visiting – there’s the Opera and the Lensic and the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and the Plaza and the Railyard and the hiking and the skiing and Ten Thousand Waves and music at El Farol on a Saturday night. . . There are a lot of good reasons to visit Santa Fe. But the food. . .just thinking about the amazing and varied food you  [ Read More ]

Gallegos mesa
January - 21 - 2014

Not so long ago, I had the interesting experience of posting a profile on Match.com. Before moving to Santa Fe, I used to live in an extremely small town (pop 1100) and the dating prospects were practically nonexistent. So, telling myself that it would probably be fodder for a novel more than anything else, I posted my photos and a profile on Match.com, stating that I was looking for a team roper who could quote Shakespeare while shaving. I can’t say that I had exceptionally good luck – I had several first dates, none of which really made me want  [ Read More ]

Lady Longhorns after winning state championship in 2013
January - 6 - 2014

It’s high school basketball season again.  Finally. In New Mexico that means a lot of things.  There are gymnasiums all over the state where teams are spending at least an hour after school running laps, sprints, drills, and, best of all, plays. Somewhere tonight there’s a kid nursing a bad case of shin splints while another high fives her dad and says, “I made ten free throws in a row during practice! I really did it!” For me, it means only one thing. I’ve printed the Logan Longhorn Basketball schedule and have it on my bulletin board over my desk.  [ Read More ]

December - 22 - 2013

First Day of Winter.  Cold Weather.  Cold and Flu Season.  All great reasons to repost this one about the Pink Adobe with the recipe for Gypsy Stew.  With all the chicken, garlic and onions in this recipe (not to mention the four cups of green chile), this one is sure to cure all your wintertime blues! Originally from 12/22/09 MY FAVORITE THINGS:  Christmas almost here.  Snow in the forecast for tomorrow.  All my kids home for the holidays.  And now, just because I know it’s their favorite meal and will last us well into the New Year, there’s gypsy stew  [ Read More ]

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